The Walt Disney Animation Studios Film Bracket Champion is...

... with 62 percent of the vote in the championship round, "The Lion King"!


The Lion King - Animal Kingdom Region

First Round: def. (14) Atlantis: The Lost Empire, 91-9
Second Round: def. (6) Bambi, 95-5
Sweet Sixteen: def. (7) Wreck-It Ralph, 83-17
Elite Eight: def. (8) The Jungle Book, 92-8
Final Four: def. (3) Beauty and the Beast, 87-13
Final: def. (3) Aladdin, 62-38

Thanks to everyone who voted -- except for those of you who voted against the real champion, "Tangled" -- and on to planning for next year's bracket project. Could it be best Disney characters? Maybe, but that would probably be insane (and need a field of at least 256 to be anywhere near comprehensive).