Thursday, March 23, 2017

Disney Animated Films Bracket - Championship

It all comes down to this. Let's get right to it...


(3) Aladdin vs. (3) The Lion King


Aladdin The Lion King
Released 1992 1994
Princess Jasmine N/A
RT Freshness rating 94% 92%
IMDB Score 8.0 8.5
Box Office $217.4M $422.8M
Oscar noms 5 (2 wins) 4 (2 wins)
*Nala is not considered one of the 11 official Disney Princesses


Aladdin - Hollywood Studios Region

First Round: def. (14) Brother Bear, 90-10
Second Round: def. (6) Tarzan, 73-27
Sweet Sixteen: def. (2) Moana, 76-24
Elite Eight: def. (8) Hercules, 73-27
Final Four: def. (7) Mulan, 64-36

The Lion King - Animal Kingdom Region

First Round: def. (14) Atlantis: The Lost Empire, 91-9
Second Round: def. (6) Bambi, 95-5
Sweet Sixteen: def. (7) Wreck-It Ralph, 83-17
Elite Eight: def. (8) The Jungle Book, 92-8
Final Four: def. (3) Beauty and the Beast, 87-13

Both "Aladdin" and "The Lion King" have had similar roads to this point, but it's telling that no movie has even been able to take 20% of the vote away from "The Lion King." My prediction in this round is that "Aladdin" finally does that, but falls short of winning it all, as Simba & Company (not to be confused with "Oliver & Company") will take the crown. Long live the king.

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