Disney Animated Films Bracket - Sweet Sixteen

We started with 56 movies and now we're down to the final 16 -- half of which come from the period spanning 1989 to 2002. If I had to guess, the final four will all come from that period, but we'll see if there are any older or newer films that can throw a monkey wrench into this whole thing. On to this round's eight matchups.


(5) Frozen vs. (8) Hercules

Prediction: Hercules. "Frozen" has had two closer-than-expected wins, due largely in part to the backlash against the movie's success. Meanwhile, "Hercules" is still seen as an underrated gem from Disney's Renaissance period, and has been dominant so far.

(2) Moana vs. (3) Aladdin

Prediction: Aladdin. Disney released 15 movies between 1989 and 2002, and more than half of them are still alive in this bracket, an impressive run for a single time period. Aladdin is one of the best films from that period, so it shouldn't have any difficulty beating the most recent movie in the Disney canon.


(1) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs vs. (4) The Little Mermaid

Prediction: The Little Mermaid. Amazingly, "Snow White" is the only 1-seed left standing at this point in the bracket, and it's not going to be standing much longer. While "The Little Mermaid" came out in 1989, it generally gets lumped in with the '90s films that followed. It's also really good.

(7) Mulan vs. (11) The Fox and the Hound

Prediction: Mulan. At this point, it's going to take a lot to get me to pick against a '90s movie. "The Fox and the Hound" certainly packs an emotional punch, but not one strong enough to knock out "Mulan."


(5) Tangled vs. (8) The Emperor's New Groove

Prediction: Tangled. Again, I'm mostly picking this in a misguided attempt to will it into happening. As I've mentioned many times before, "Tangled" is my favorite Disney movie, and I'd love to see it advance one more time.

(3) Beauty and the Beast vs. (7) Lilo & Stitch

Prediction: Beauty and the Beast. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see "Beauty and the Beast" win it all at this point. "Lilo & Stitch" had a nice run, but it probably ends here.


(8) The Jungle Book vs. (13) Robin Hood

Prediction: Robin Hood. The lowest remaining seed in the field, "Robin Hood" has had an unlikely run to the Sweet 16, one that I don't see ending just yet. Amazingly, "The Jungle Book" was able to knock off a 1-seed, but will struggle against a 13. How weird is that?

(3) The Lion King vs. (7) Wreck-It Ralph

Prediction: The Lion King. Hot take: "Wreck-It Ralph" is a better movie than "The Lion King." Less hot take: it won't matter here. "The Lion King" is a near-certainty to advance here, and then likely reach the Final Four.