Disney Animated Films Bracket - Magic Kingdom Region, Second Round

This was the only region that went pure chalk in the first round, so I expect some close votes here in the second round. I also expect at least one big upset, and potentially two if voting trends hold up the way they have so far. Let's get right to it!


(1) One Hundred and One Dalmatians vs. (8) The Emperor's New Groove

Prediction: The Emperor's New Groove. Yes, I'm calling the upset here, because the power of the 1990s has been tough to overcome and I honestly don't think 101 Dalmatians is truly 1-seed worthy (though that's where the Rotten Tomatoes ratings fell -- it's 98% fresh on that site).

(4) The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977) vs. (5) Tangled

Prediction: Tangled. This is less a "prediction" and more a "please vote for Tangled here" request. It's my favorite Disney Animation Studios movie, and I'd like it to at least make it to the Sweet 16, if not further.

(3) Beauty and the Beast vs. (6) Lady and the Tramp

Prediction: Beauty and the Beast. It's damn near a perfect movie, while Lady and the Tramp is really coasting on the strength of one iconic scene. My guess is that this will be a blowout.

(2) Cinderella vs. (7) Lilo & Stitch

Prediction: Cinderella. Honestly, I feel like this one could go either way. I'm going to stick with the higher seed as my prediction, but I'm not at all confident in it. I could easily see this turning into a blowout in the other direction.