Disney Animated Films Bracket - Hollywood Studios Region, Second Round

I'm actually at Disney World right now and headed over to Hollywood Studios later today, so what better time to begin the second round of voting in the Hollywood Studios Region of our bracket to determine the best Walt Disney Animation Studios feature film? As a reminder, top seeds Pinocchio and Moana had byes in the first round, so this is the first time they'll be challenged in this tournament. Now, on to the matchups!


(1) Pinocchio vs. (8) Hercules

Prediction: Pinocchio. "Hercules" won by a blowout in the first round, and poses a serious threat to the top overall seed here, but I expect "Pinocchio" to advance in a close vote. In the end, the strength of "When You Wish Upon a Star" might be too much to overcome.

(5) Frozen vs. (13) Pocahontas

My prediction: Frozen. The oversaturation backlash against "Frozen" didn't hurt the movie in the first round as it cruised against "Dinosaur." It faces a more formidable opponent here, as "Pocahontas" pulled off one of the more surprising upsets, but I think her Cinderella run ends here, as Elsa should be able to freeze her out.

(3) Aladdin vs. (6) Tarzan

My prediction: Aladdin. I was surprised "Tarzan" won as easily as it did in the first round, but that was largely due to a favorable matchup. No such luck here, with "Aladdin" being one of the favorites to win it all, despite its low seed.

(2) Moana vs. (10) The Sword in the Stone

Predition: Moana. It literally just came out on Blu-ray yesterday, so we haven't exactly gotten to test the staying power of "Moana", but my guess is that it holds up as an all-time classic (potentially more than "Zootopia", which won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, but is much more a movie of its time than "Moana"). Even if it doesn't have staying power, it should have enough to beat "The Sword in the Stone".