Disney Animated Films Bracket - Hollywood Studios Region, First Round

It's time to get the voting started for the Disney Animation Studios Films bracket. We're starting this bracket with the Hollywood Studios Region, because that's where I started my most recent Disney World trip this past December. And this region is the Hollywood Studios region because that's the park where you can meet Moana, who represents one of the two movies that get byes in this first round of voting. The other is Pinocchio, the No. 1 overall seed in the bracket.

On to the matchups...


(1) Pinocchio - BYE
(2) Moana - BYE

(8) Hercules vs. (9) The Rescuers

My prediction: Hercules. One of the more underrated Disney movies of the '90s feels woefully underseeded here. It draws a difficult matchup against a strong 9-seed in "The Rescuers", but I see it advancing with relative ease.

(5) Frozen vs. (12) Dinosaur

My prediction: Frozen. This feels like a blowout in the making. Despite some backlash due to its absurd popularity, "Frozen" is an all-time powerhouse. I would have loved to have seen the original plan for "Dinosaur", with no English/human dialogue whatsoever.

(4) Winnie the Pooh (2011) vs. (13) Pocahontas

My prediction: Winnie the Pooh. Truthfully, I'm as shocked as you are that the 2011 version of Winnie the Pooh -- the one that's a single narrative movie, rather than a collection of short stories -- is seeded so high. But it's pretty solid for something so short (just 63 minutes) and should beat out "Pocahontas", which feels like more problematic of a movie with every passing year.

(6) Tarzan vs. (11) Fun and Fancy Free

My prediction: Tarzan. For those unfamiliar with "Fun and Fancy Free", it's one of the package films where two or more animated stories were connected by a bridging sequence. Disney used this technique almost exclusively in the 1940s to get up to "feature length". This is actually one of the better outings, involving fun (for the time) music and recognizable characters (hi Mickey!) but Tarzan is a really well-told story that looks great, even today.

(3) Aladdin vs. (14) Brother Bear

My prediction: Aladdin. This shouldn't even be close. "Aladdin" coming in as a 3-seed feels absurd, but that's the way the reviews broke down.

(7) The Three Caballeros vs. (10) The Sword in the Stone

My prediction: The Sword in the Stone. "The Three Caballeros" is another one of those package films, one that has a presence at EPCOT to this day, but "The Sword in the Stone" is probably the better narrative film, even if the retelling of the King Arthur myth gets a little bogged down with weird animal transformations at times.