Disney Animated Films Bracket - Epcot Region, Second Round

There were a couple big upsets in the bottom half of the Epcot Region in the first round, which means we're guaranteed of seeing a double-digit seed reach the Sweet 16. Beyond that, the big story here will be how the two top seeds -- both classics from the pre-WWII era -- will hold up against much more recent competition. The voting so far has skewed in favor of movies from the 1990s and later, so "Snow White" and "Fantasia" might be facing a tougher challenge than the seeding would indicate. On to the second-round matchups!


(1) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs vs. (8) The Princess and the Frog

Prediction: Snow White. As I mentioned in the intro, the voting has skewed toward more modern films, but "The Princess and the Frog" didn't exactly dominate its first-round matchup, and "Snow White" is literally the original Disney animated feature film, so it has a much higher profile than some of the other older movies.

(4) The Little Mermaid vs. (5) Big Hero 6

Prediction: The Little Mermaid. Honestly, I wouldn't at all be surprised if the Final Four in this bracket ended up being made up entirely of movies from the 1990s. "The Little Mermaid" is one of two '90s films left in the Epcot region, and the one with the far easier opponent. That's not to take "Big Hero 6" lightly -- it's a great movie -- but it's not "Fantasia".

(11) The Fox and the Hound vs. (14) Chicken Little

Prediction: The Fox and the Hound. I was thrilled to see "Chicken Little" get so much support in the first round; it's an incredibly underrated movie. But I think it's going to fall to the emotional pull of "The Fox and the Hound", which had one of the most dominant first-round votes in the entire bracket. Either way, one of these movies is going to end up wearing the glass slipper a little longer.

(2) Fantasia vs. (7) Mulan

Prediction: Fantasia. "Mulan" absolutely destroyed "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" in the first round, and its reward for that dominance is a date with "Fantasia", ranked by AFI as the 5th-best animated movie and 58th-best overall movie of all-time. Mulan is good. It's just not that good. But the collective '90s nostalgia of the voters could take over again.