Disney Animated Films Bracket - Epcot Region, First Round

We're on to the Epcot Region of Disney Animation Studios Films bracket after mostly chalk results in the first round in the Hollywood Studios Region. This region ended up as Epcot mostly by default (the other two regions have more natural tie-ins to their parks), but Epcot -- specifically the Germany Pavilion at the World Showcase -- is where to meet Snow White, who represents the top seed in the region. She and her seven small friends get a bye in this first round, as do all the short films that make up "Fantasia".

On to the matchups...


(1) Snow White an the Seven Dwarfs - BYE
(2) Fantasia - BYE

(8) The Princess and the Frog vs. (9) Fantasia 2000

My prediction: The Princess and the Frog. "Fantasia 2000" is certainly a solid collection of musical shorts, but hasn't resonated nearly as much as the original. "The Princess and the Frog" doesn't get as much love as the two princess movies that came after ("Tangled" and "Frozen"), which is a shame, because it's really good and the hand-drawn animation holds up as well as any of the Disney classics.

(5) Big Hero 6 vs. (12) Meet the Robinsons

My prediction: Big Hero 6. "Meet the Robinsons" has a small-but-dedicated fanbase, but that's not going to be enough to propel it to victory here. "Big Hero 6" could stand besides most of the top-notch entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- which sadly, it can't be a part of because of its weird alternate universe setting (San Fransokyo is not a place Tony Stark will ever visit).

(4) The Little Mermaid vs. (13) The Black Cauldron

My prediction: The Little Mermaid. Despite being basically buried in the Disney vault, "The Black Cauldron" has an incredibly loyal fanbase, one that would love to see the uncut version released on Blu-ray, no matter how dark it is. But, being entirely honest here, it probably doesn't stand a chance in this matchup.

(6) Melody Time vs. (11) The Fox and the Hound

My prediction: The Fox and the Hound. "Melody Time" is the highest seeded of the 1940s musical package films (there's a non-musical one seeded higher), and, to be entirely honest, the younger audience hasn't seen most of them -- so they're not faring well in this tournament. "The Fox and the Hound" has a reputation as a tear-jerking classic, one that has a message that resonates even today.

(3) The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad vs. (14) Chicken Little

My prediction: The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. Honestly, I think "Chicken Little" is way better than its seed (and the poor reviews it got when released) would suggest, but Ichabod & Mr. Toad -- that aforementioned high-seeded package film -- still has a reputation of being an all-time classic. Quite frankly, I don't think it holds up particularly well almost 70 years after it was released, but that doesn't mean it's bad -- just not really 3-seed worthy.

(7) Mulan vs. (10) The Hunchback of Notre Dame

My prediction: NO CLUE. It is heartbreaking that one of these movies has to go out in the first round. It's not really even fair to call them "under-appreciated." They're super beloved, just not as much so as the slew of movies than immediately preceded them in the '90s ("Beauty and the Beast", "Aladdin", "Lion King"). If you're gonna force me to pick one here, I'm probably picking "Hunchback", but that's entirely personal preference, and I could definitely see "Mulan" winning big.