Disney Animated Films Bracket - Elite Eight

We've reached the regional finals of this tournament to determine the best movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios, and amazingly not a single 1-seed or 2-seed remains alive. There are two things you can take away from that: 1) most of the 1 and 2 seeds were either very old (e.g. "Snow White" and "Fantasia") or very new ("Moana", "Zootopia") and didn't fall into that sweet spot of nostalgia for the Twitter user base; and 2) there's very little separation at the top for great Disney movies. As I mentioned when I first posted the bracket, every movie seeded 9 or higher had a Rotten Tomatoes freshness rating of at least 80%. There were only a handful of actual bad movies in the entire field, so it's not entirely surprising to see the Elite Eight made up of three 3-seeds, three 8-seeds, a 4-seed and a 7-seed. Who will survive and advance one more time? On to the matchups...


(3) Aladdin vs. (8) Hercules

Prediction: Aladdin. "Hercules" got by "Frozen" in the previous round by a single vote, while "Aladdin" is probably one of the favorites to win it all at this point. This shouldn't be all that close, but you never know.


(4) The Little Mermaid vs. (7) Mulan

Prediction: The Little Mermaid. This is another one that I don't expect to be very close, despite how strong "Mulan" has been during this tournament to this point. "The Little Mermaid" is such an incredibly strong movie and so rewatchable, even to this day.


(3) Beauty and the Beast vs. (8) The Emperor's New Groove

Prediction: Beauty and the Beast. While I'm upset that "Tangled" lost to "The Emperor's New Groove" in the previous round, I at least get to avoid seeing it get stomped in this round. As good as the new live action "Beauty and the Beast" might be, the animated classic will always remain a favorite.


(3) The Lion King vs. (8) The Jungle Book

Prediction: The Lion King. Yes, I'm going chalk in this round. Do you see any reason not to, especially with this matchup? Yeah, I didn't think so.