Disney Animated Films Bracket - Animal Kingdom Region, Second Round

The Animal Kingdom Region lived up to its name in the first round, with seven of the eight movies that advanced (including the two byes) featuring animal protagonists -- and one featuring video game characters. Will this year's Academy Award winner for Best Animated Feature live up to its lofty status as a 1-seed? Let's find out.


(1) Zootopia vs. (8) The Jungle Book

Prediction: The Jungle Book. "Zootopia" is really good, and was definitely worthy of winning the Oscar (though, personally, I would've gone with "Moana"). I just feel like it lacks the kind of timeless quality that makes a movie like "The Jungle Book" an all-time classic. But I could be wrong.

(5) Bolt vs. (13) Robin Hood

Prediction: Robin Hood. Woefully underseeded as a 13-seed, "Robin Hood" seems poised not only to win this matchup, but to breeze into the Elite 8 as well.

(3) The Lion King vs. (6) Bambi

Prediction: The Lion King. The '90s are gonna win again. If I'd been seeding the tournament by "feel" and not by Rotten Tomatoes scores, "The Lion King" almost certainly would've been a 1-seed.

(2) Dumbo vs. (7) Wreck-It Ralph

Prediction: Wreck-It Ralph. "Dumbo" is a bit of a weird case. Everyone remembers it as this story where Dumbo flies with the "help" of a magic feather, then learns he doesn't need the feather to fly -- he had the power in him all along! Except that's basically the last 5 minutes of the movie, and that's it. As it is, "Wreck-It Ralph" is a much more complete tale, and probably deserves to advance here.