Disney Animated Films Bracket - Animal Kingdom Region, First Round

We've finally made it to the final region of the first round, which is topped by this year's Academy Award Winner for Best Picture. "Zootopia" has some serious challengers in this region though, with "The Lion King" lying in wait on the opposite side of the bracket as a 3-seed, ready to pull a potential major upset. But that's all down the line. For now, let's take a look at the first-round matchups.


(1) Zootopia - BYE
(2) Dumbo - BYE

(8) The Jungle Book vs. (9) Saludos Amigos

Prediction: The Jungle Book. None of the musical package films from the '40s have fared well in this bracket -- and outside of the kingpin itself, "Fantasia", none of them have aged particularly well -- so this should be a romp.

(5) Bolt vs. (12) Make Mine Music

Prediction: Bolt. The last of the package films in the bracket goes up against the last of the 2000s movies before Disney's second renaissance (which began with "The Princess and the Frog"). Bolt is actually really good -- though maybe a bit overseeded as a 5-seed here -- and shouldn't have much problem advancing.

(4) Sleeping Beauty vs. (13) Robin Hood

Prediction: Sleeping Beauty. I'm not willing to go out on a limb and full-out predict an upset here, but I will say that it 100% won't surprise me at all if "Robin Hood" pulls off the upset here. People who like this movie LOVE it and defend it as one of Disney's all-time bests, despite the poor reviews that have it all the way down as a 13-seed.

(6) Bambi vs. (11) The Rescuers Down Under

Prediction: Bambi. I can't believe "Bambi" is only a 6-seed. It should cruise to victory here, as "Rescuers Down Under" really failed to recapture the magic of the original.

(3) The Lion King vs. (14) Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Prediction: The Lion King. My apologies to the small-but-dedicated fanbase of "Atlantis". Your movie is about to get stomped.

(7) Wreck-It Ralph vs. (10) Alice in Wonderland

Prediction: Toss-up. Both of these movies are beloved for entirely different reasons, and I really could see this going either way. Personally, if I'm sitting down on a weekend afternoon and picking a movie to watch, I'd pick "Wreck-It Ralph" over "Alice in Wonderland" almost every time, but you can't deny Alice's classic status or incredible visuals.