Ultimate Disney Song Bracket Championship: 'Under the Sea' vs. 'A Whole New World'

It all comes down to this.

64 songs have been deemed not quite good enough, and now only two remain standing in our bracket to determine the best song ever from a Disney animated movie. Both are worthy contenders, but only one can wear the crown and reign supreme as Princess (what, you expected a King? This is the Disney universe, where there's no title greater than Princess).

On to the final matchup...

"Under the Sea" (from "the Little Mermaid")


"A Whole New World" (from "Aladdin")

Reasons to vote for "A Whole New World": In addition to the win at the Oscars, this incredible love duet is the only song from a Disney animated movie to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. To do so, it knocked Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" out of the top spot. You know how hard it was to do that? Both the pop cover version (the version that reached No. 1) and the movie version (the version that won the award) are moving. This is a karaoke staple for couples and wannabe couples alike, even if the average person can't quite match the original. I mean, it's basically perfect.

Reasons to vote for "Under the Sea": It's definitely probably one of the four best songs from "The Little Mermaid." Maybe.

OK, fine, in all seriousness, "Under the Sea" is a very good song -- it wouldn't have won the Oscar if it wasn't -- but it just doesn't feel like it's on the level of "A Whole New World", or about a half-dozen other songs that have already been eliminated. But I once again leave the vote in your hands. Over the next 48 hours, you will decide the fate of the world! (Or, ya know, this meaningless bracket exercise, but, whatever)