Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ultimate Disney Song Bracket - Semifinals

We made it! After a couple long weeks and many votes cast, we're down to the final four songs in the Ultimate Disney Animated Song Bracket. All four songs left standing are worthy contenders for the championship and I expect there to be much arguing about which of the four is the most deserving. For that reason, I'm extending the voting for this round to a full 48 hours. Let the campaigning begin!

Semifinal #1

"When You Wish Upon a Star" (from "Pinocchio")


"Under the Sea" (from "the Little Mermaid")


"When You Wish
Upon a Star"
"Under the Sea"
Movie "Pinocchio" "The Little Mermaid"
Released 1940 1989
Sung by Cliff Edwards as
Jiminy Cricket
Samuel E. Wright as
Sebastian the Crab
Length 3:16 3:17
Style Ballad Calypso
Box Office $84.2M $111.5M
Billboard Peak 30* N/A
Best Song Oscar? Yes Yes
*1960 cover version

Semifinal #2

"A Whole New World" (from "Aladdin")


"Let It Go" (from "Frozen")


"A Whole New World" "Let It Go"
Movie "Aladdin" "Frozen"
Released 1992 2013
Sung by Brad Kane and Lea Salonga as
Aladdin and Jasmine
Idina Menzel as
Queen Elsa
Length 2:40 3:45
Style Love Duet Show tune
Box Office $217.4M $400.7M
Billboard Peak 1* 5
Best Song Oscar? Yes Yes
*Peabo Bryson/Regina Belle pop version

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