Ultimate Disney Song Bracket - Play-in Matchups

As I revealed earlier today, I'm going to be doing a bracket of the best songs from Disney Animated Movies all time, but I also wanted to include three movies that aren't officially part of the Disney Animated canon -- but are Disney movies and do have animated portions. So here are the three "play-in" matchups before we get to the full bracket. Voting will take place on my Twitter page, and the tweets will be embedded here once they open.

Pre-1960 Region - "Song of the South"



"Everybody's Got a Laughing Place"

So it's impossible to address "Song of the South" without pointing out how incredibly controversial it is -- to the point that the full movie isn't available on home video and hasn't aired in the U.S. in at least a decade (and probably much longer than that). But despite growing up long after the movie was released -- and subsequently made unavailable -- I remember the music from it being a big part of Disney lore when I was growing up. Part of that was because of its inclusion as the soundtrack at Splash Mountain, which has always been one of my favorite rides at Walt Disney World. But even beyond that, I feel like "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" is as recognizable as any classic Disney song from that era. It's a staple of Disney sing-a-long compilations (at least the ones that came out before the late '80s Disney animation revival) and it's catchy as hell. It's also one of a dozen or so Disney/Pixar songs to win the Oscar for Best Song.

1960-1989 Region - "Mary Poppins"



"A Spoonful of Sugar"

Speaking of movies that produced an Oscar winner for Best Song, "Mary Poppins" did exactly that, but I'm not including "Chim Chim Cheree" in this bracket, because I think there are a couple songs from the movie that are better, mostly because they're sung by Julie Andrews. Andrews' voice is a national treasure, and our lives are all better for having heard it. Amazingly, "Mary Poppins" - which came out in 1964 - was her very first feature film and it's incredible how those songs resonate to this day. Both of my parents love "The Sound of Music", which is probably the more appreciated of Andrews' early film efforts these days, but I'll always love "Mary Poppins" more (and not just because it was so perfectly parodied on "The Simpsons").

2000-2016 Region - "Enchanted"

"True Love's Kiss"


"That's How You Know"

Some people call "Enchanted" a parody of Disney Princess movies, but it's not that at all. It's a reinvention/appreciation of them. There's an homage to just about every Disney Princess movie that preceded it somewhere in the movie, and anyone who loves movies like "Cinderella", "Beauty and the Beast" or even "Frozen" (which came after -- but also features Idina Menzel) should also love this movie. There isn't as much singing as there would be in a traditional Disney musical, in part because the non-animated sequences are supposed to be taking place in a world without magic, but the songs that Giselle does sing fit perfectly in the Disney canon. I know I'm probably overrating "Enchanted" compared to the rest of the public, but I consider it one of my top 3 favorite Disney movies of all-time, and I think "That's How You Know" is one of the best songs.

Once voting is complete in these three matchups, we'll begin voting in the pre-1960s region.