Ultimate Disney Song Bracket - 2000s Region Second Round

With eight songs remaining in this region, the only big surprise is that we've already had one from "Frozen" eliminated. Yes, it was the obvious choice to knock out among the five that were in the original field, but I was honestly expecting a "Frozen" sweep into the second round. We'll have at least one more "Frozen" song knocked out here, as two are going head to head.

On to the matchups:

"Let It Go" (from "Frozen")


"Down in New Orleans" (from "The Princess and the Frog")

"Let it Go" didn't dominate as much as I'd expected in the first round, probably due to some overplay backlash, but I fully expect it to win handily here. It's a shame that "The Princess and the Frog" will be completely knocked out of the tournament at that point, but that's the way the voting fell.

"I See the Light" (from "Tangled")


"That's How You Know" (from "Enchanted")

Why did I do this to myself. I absolutely cannot pick between these two songs. It'd be like asking me to pick a favorite between my two cats. (Just kidding, that's easy, Felicia is my favorite. Sorry Selina.) "I See the Light" isn't the only song left from "Tangled", but both songs face really tough matchups this round and could easily end up eliminated.

"For the First Time in Forever" (from "Frozen")


"Love is an Open Door" (from "Frozen")

Guys, I'm already mad at you for pushing "Love is an Open Door" through to this round. Don't make the same mistake again. Please vote for "For the First Time in Forever." It's so much better.

"I've Got a Dream" (from "Tangled")


"Do You Want to Build a Snowman" (from "Frozen")

Ugh, another impossible choice here. If I'm being entirely honest with myself, "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" is such a better song and far more important to setting the tone for its movie, but I love "Tangled" so much and Mandy Moore's exuberance in singing her one small part in this song is so great.