Jersey Monday: Jessie Armstead

The Redskins are playing the Giants on Monday Night Football. Jessie Armstead played for the Redskins and Giants. That's really all I have to say about this jersey.

Honestly, even though I know exactly why I have this jersey, I'm not sure WHY I have it. Armstead played two underwhelming seasons for Washington after being a five-time Pro Bowl selection for the Giants. He's one of the many examples of Dan Snyder's ability to sign talented players to big money contracts after all their talent has been used up. And Armstead's Redskins deal wasn't even THAT big a deal in terms of money (just $4.5 million), but it still seemed like a waste.

I own a lot of Redskins jerseys, and this is probably my least-worn one (save for my #21 Sean Taylor, for reasons I explained last week). I got it toward the end of Armstead's tenure in Washington, on sale (naturally), and probably wore it a couple times before moving on to other 'Skins jerseys. If it weren't for the fact that the Giants and Redskins play twice a season, I probably would never think about it.