Nike LeBron X+ "Pressure" Unboxing

I wouldn't call myself a "sneakerhead", but I certainly enjoy sneakers. I own about three dozen pairs of them, and for the past couple years I've been meticulous about keeping them in good condition (something that hadn't always been the case). I read sneaker sites to keep up on release dates, new colorways and other related news, and because of this, I'd seen sneaker unboxings in the past. I always thought an "unboxing" for sneakers was kind of overkill; they come in a shipping box, you take the sneaker box out of the shipping box then the sneakers out of the sneaker box and... BOOM, unboxed.

Then I got the LeBron X+ "Pressure".

Holy crap.

My first clue that something was going to be different about this sneaker came via my shipping notification. Nike usually sends all my orders from via UPS Ground. This one, however, was coming FedEx overnight. I chalked it up to the increased price point ($200, rather than the $130-$180 I usually pay for a pair of LeBrons or Jordans), and didn't think anything else of it. That is, until I arrived home to see the massive box waiting for me.

Normally, sneakers ship in an overbox that's barely larger than the shoebox inside. This box, on the other hand was about three times as large, and significantly heavier. My first thought, before opening it, was that Nike had accidentally sent me multiple pairs.

When I opened the box, I quickly realized that wasn't the case.

That is not a normal shoebox. It's a bright red, wooden box, complete with latches on the side. Remember when the Jordan 17s came in a metal briefcase with a CD-ROM? This was somehow more overkill than that. So I take out the wooden box and...

Holy crap, it's another shoebox! Yo dawg, we heard you like shoeboxes, so we put a shoebox in your shoebox so... OK, enough of that. Actually, this is pretty thoughtful on Nike's part -- there's no reasonable way to put that massive wooden box with the rest of your sneaker collection, so they included the normal box too.

The wooden box itself opens with two latches on the sides, and has the primary LeBron logo on the top. It also has two additional logos. First, the LeBron X logo, on the front of the lid:

And the Nike+ logo on one of the corners of the lid:

(At this point I should not that this isn't my first Nike+ product. I had the original Nike+ kit for the iPod nano back when that came out. But I always slipped the receiver into whatever pair of sneakers I felt like wearing that day. These are my first truly Nike+ enabled sneakers. I will make zero use of this feature.)

So at this point I'm ready to open up the wooden box and actually finally see my sneakers.

Yep, that's each sneaker, stored separately in its own dust bag. And a spot for the Nike+ sport kit -- which, on the $200 model of these sneakers is not included. You have to pay $270 for that version (or you can buy the kit separately for like $80).

Finally, the sneakers themselves. Why pay an extra $20 for a feature -- the Nike+ support -- that I'm probably not going to use? Well, it got me this cool wooden box, for one. But mostly I just preferred the look of these over the basic LeBron X colorways that are coming out, and the faux jeweled Nike swoosh on the Plus-enabled models looks much better than the flat, screened-on swoosh on the less expensive version. It was honestly worth the $20 to me to get a sneaker that I liked the look of better. Simple as that.

I haven't worn them yet, since I like to stick to my sneaker rotations, which means I don't change pairs midweek. I did slip them on, and they are incredibly comfortable. I also took more pictures. Enjoy


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