Composite NBA Power Rankings for Nov. 27

Guess what's back. Back again. Composite NBA Power Rankings back. Tell a friend.

OK, enough stealing from Eminem. Returning for the first time in the 2012-13 season are the Composite NBA Power Rankings. In case you don't remember the deal from last season, here's how this works: I've picked 10 representative weekly power rankings and two automated daily power rankings from around the web. I drop each team's highest and lowest ranking, then average out the remaining 10 rankings and sort the teams by lowest average.

We've got a few changes to the lineup this season, so here's what I'm including, so you can check my work if you'd like (though I don't recommend it... it's a tedious, spreadsheet-filled process):

Sam Amico (, Sean Deveney (AOL/Sporting News), Kurt Helin (ProBasketballTalk), Matt Moore (, Eric Pincus (Hoopsworld), Seth Rosenthal (SB Nation), John Schuhmann (, Marc Stein (, Marc J. Spears (Yahoo!), USA Today, Jeff Sagarin (USA Today), John Hollinger (

You'll notice the standalone USA Today entry in there. They've actually got a panel of seven people voting on their rankings, so this is now a composite power ranking that includes a composite power ranking. It's the "Inception" of NBA Power Rankings.

If you know of any weekly power ranking that you think should be added to the list, just drop me a line. The only condition is that it has to be published on Monday or Tuesday. Spreading the compilation over two days (which means some rankings are taking into account games that others aren't) is already messy enough. Adding in a third day is just introducing too much noise into the data.

OK, enough explaining. On to the rankings:

Composite NBA Power Rankings - Week of Nov. 27
1. Memphis Grizzlies
High: 1, multipleLow: 2, multipleAverage: 1.20
t-2. Miami Heat
High: 1, Deveny/SchuhmannLow: 4, HollingerAverage: 2.60
t-2. San Antonio Spurs
High: 1, USA TodayLow: 6, HollingerAverage: 2.60
4. Oklahoma City Thunder
High: 3, multipleLow: 5, multipleAverage: 4.00
5. New York Knicks
High: 2, HollingerLow: 6, multipleAverage: 5.30
6. Los Angeles Clippers
High: 5, multipleLow: 10, SpearsAverage: 6.40
7. New Jersey Nets
High: 5, multipleLow: 11, SagarinAverage: 7.00
8. Atlanta Hawks
High: 7, multipleLow: 11, PincusAverage: 7.60
9. Los Angeles Lakers
High: 8, multipleLow: 13, PincusAverage: 9.80
10. Denver Nuggets
High: 8, Deveney/HollingerLow: 14, AmicoAverage: 10.80
11. Boston Celtics
High: 8, SpearsLow: 18, MooreAverage: 11.10
12. Golden State Warriors
High: 9, USA Today Low: 17, HelinAverage: 12.30
13. Philadelphia 76ers
High: 8, PincusLow: 21, HollingerAverage: 13.30
14. Milwaukee Bucks
High: 9, MooreLow: 17, PincusAverage: 13.70
t-15. Chicago Bulls
High: 12, SteinLow:19, AmicoAverage: 15.40
t-15. Utah Jazz
High: 12, PincusLow: 19, USA TodayAverage: 15.40
17. Dallas Mavericks
High: 14, HelinLow: 25, HollingerAverage: 17.30
18. Charlotte Bobcats
High: 13, DeveneyLow: 29, Sagarin/HollingerAverage: 18.40
19. Houston Rockets
High: 10, SagarinLow: 22, SpearsAverage: 18.50
20. Indiana Pacers
High: 18, Amico/SagarinLow: 23, MooreAverage: 20.30
21. Portland Trail Blazers
High: 16, MooreLow: 23, HollingerAverage: 20.50
22. Minnesota Timberwolves
High: 16, RosenthalLow: 23, Spears/SagarinAverage: 20.90
23. Phoenix Suns
High: 20, SpearsLow: 27, MooreAverage: 22.60
24. Orlando Magic
High:21, SagarinLow: 28, Moore/HollingerAverage: 24.60
25. Sacramento Kings
High: 24, SteinLow: 28, SagarinAverage: 25.20
26. New Orleans Hornets
High: 21, MooreLow: 29, multipleAverage: 26.50
27. Detroit Pistons
High: 24, MooreLow: 28, multipleAverage: 26.70
28. Toronto Raptors
High: 22, HollingerLow: 29, multipleAverage: 27.20
29. Cleveland Cavaliers
High: 18, HollingerLow: 29, multipleAverage: 27.70
30. Washington Wizards
High: 30, everyoneLow: 30, everyoneAverage: 30.00
Average calculated after removing highest and lowest ranking

AT THE TOP: The Memphis Grizzlies were either 1 or 2 on everyone's list, picking up nine first-place rankings this week. The top three (Memphis, San Antonio, Miami) seem to have separated themselves from the rest of the league, with the only ranking worse than 4 for any of those teams coming via Hollinger's computer (which ranks the Spurs 6th).

LOUD NOISES Team of the Week (least consensus): Charlotte Bobcats.
With some of the rankings coming on Monday and some coming on Tuesday, I expected some difference in the Bobcats ranking, after their dismal loss to the Thunder. But they've got a 16-spot spread between high and low, which is almost unheard of. The problem wasn't any human ranker overreacting to Monday's loss, it's that the computers hate the Bobcats (both of them put Charlotte at 29).

SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW Team of the Week (most consensus): Washington Wizards.
They'll be a unanimous 30th until they win a game, and probably even for awhile after that. This'll be the last time this spot features the winless Wizards this season. In future editions, I'll focus on the most consensus team that ISN'T the worst in the NBA.