New York Comic Con 2012: The Mary Jane Collection

I meant to get this post up earlier this week, but work and other stuff got in the way, which means today and tomorrow there's going to be a few more NYCC aftermath posts -- at least there will be once I finally finish unpacking from the show (seriously, aside from pulling out the clothes to throw in the laundry, everything from New York is still sitting in bags in my living room). I'll get things started with this focus on the original art I picked up last weekend.

Ever since the first comic book show I attended back in 2005, I've been obsessed with getting original artwork of my favorite comic book character: Mary Jane Watson. I've obtained at least one piece, whether an original commission or a published page, at just about every show I've attended, and 2012 New York Comic Con was no exception.

At the four-day show, I managed to pick up four pieces, all original sketches and all from artists who've worked on "Spider-Man" books. Three of them are standalone pieces and one is in my Mary Jane-focused sketchbook. That pushes my total up to 41 pieces, just focusing on Mary Jane Watson. I haven't uploaded this latest batch to my ComicArt fans page just yet, but I'll give you a sneak peak here on You Only Blog Once.

Mary Jane by Mark Bagley
This is the first show I've been to where Bagley -- a long-time artist on both Amazing and Ultimate Spider-Man -- was in attendance, so it was one of my priorities to get a sketch from him. I have to say, it turned out pretty awesome. 

Mary Jane by Jorge Molina

Molina has done cover work on Ultimate Spider-Man and did this great MJ for me. The window motif seems to be popular for MJ commissions, as I've now seen four or five artists go to it in the past couple years.

Mary Jane by Giuseppe Camuncoli
This is the one in the sketchbook, joining Mark McKenna, Adam Hughes, Ron Frenz and Sara Pichelli. I love the inkwork around the eyes on this one.

Mary Jane by David Marquez 
Last but certainly not least is this stunning piece by Ultimate Spider-Man artist David Marquez, who went with the 616 version of MJ. Obviously the color in the hair really makes this one stand out.

I've reached the point where I'm running out of room in my shared artwork portfolio for MJ pieces. I may have to get a new one that's just dedicated to MJ, and use my current one for whatever else I pick up along the way.