Maloof Brothers mentioned on "30 Rock"

For the second consecutive week, one of NBC's Thursday night shows made a subtle NBA reference. Last week it was Parks & Rec channelling Kevin Garnett and this week it was "30 Rock" tweaking the much-maligned owners of the Sacramento Kings, Joe and Gavin Maloof. Check out the video above for the brief clip.

"30 Rock" has had its share of sports references throughout the years, including a plot last season in which Liz Lemon served as a dancer at New York Liberty games. I wouldn't say this was among their best (and technically by tying the Maloofs to The Palms, it wasn't even really a sports reference), but it was certainly a much-appreciated laugh in what was overall a mediocre episode.

There are only 12 episodes of "30 Rock" left, which means only 12 more opportunities to get jokes like this one. Hopefully those 12 episodes will be better than Thursday night's. One quick way to do that would be to reduce the focus on Hazel, who's probably the worst character the show has ever had.