Jersey Monday: Charles Rogers

The Lions are playing tonight on Monday Night Football, which gives me a natural tie-in to spotlight what might be the single worst jersey in my collection: Charles Rogers.

Rogers was the second overall pick in 2003, part of a run of three consecutive years in which the Detroit Lions selected a wide receiver in the first round. Coming out of Michigan State, Rogers was compared to Randy Moss, and he certainly had the college pedigree to back that up. Unfortunately, he shared something else with Moss: marijuana use.

Thanks to injuries and repeated drug suspensions, Rogers only lasted three years in the league, playing just 15 career NFL games. There have been 50 wide receivers drafted in the top 10 since 1967. Rogers ranks 47th in career receptions, 48th in yards and tied for 47th in touchdowns (and one of the guys who trails him in all three categories is Justin Blackmon, whose career is all of six games old so far).

So if Charles Rogers was so bad, why do I have an authentic jersey of his? Well, it was the end of the 2003 season, and my local sports clothing/memorabilia store was having a clearance sale: buy one authentic jersey, get one free. Being the end of the season, their selection was limited, and they only had two jerseys left in my size. One was my powder blue LaDainian Tomlinson jersey, which is awesome. The other was this one. I tried to convince the store to just give me a discount on the Tomlinson, but they stuck to the "buy one, get one free" terms. So I took the Rogers jersey. In retrospect, I should've just taken another jersey, even if it wasn't in my size. It's not like I can wear this one anyway.