Jersey Monday: Carmelo Anthony

Yep, we're going old school for today's Jersey Monday. High school old school, with Carmelo Anthony Oak Hill jersey from his senior year.

Quick fun fact about this jersey: this was an official Nike product released as part of the "TAG" line (Talented and Gifted) during 'Melo's rookie season. Because 'Melo had worn 15 in college and in the NBA, there were lots of bootleg #15 Oak Hill jerseys floating around. But he wore #22 at Oak Hill, not #15.

I actually got to see Anthony play in high school, when he and his Oak Hill squad returned to Towson, Maryland to face his old Towson Catholic squad. Anthony started slow that game, but finished with something like 37 points (in a 32-minute high school game) and was clearly the best player in the gym.

After the game, I got to interview Anthony one-on-one, which would probably be unheard of today. Could you imagine the top high school recruit in the nation sitting down for a one-on-one interview with a reporter from a college paper... and not even the college he was planning on attending? But Anthony did, and he was gracious and humble and spoke glowingly about the opportunity to play in college, even if he was talented enough to jump straight to the NBA.

According to, Anthony is -- coincidentally enough -- one of 22 players to finish his high school career at Oak Hill and go on to play in the NBA. He's probably the best of them too, though Rajon Rondo is coming up fast.