"Happy Endings" Kisses LeBron's Asterisk

There are those that would tell you when it comes to an NBA championship, or a championship in any sport, that a win is a win. Then there are those (looking at you, Phil Jackson) who say that if that championship comes in a shortened season, maybe one in which a star point guard from Chicago also misses most of the playoffs with an injury, then that championship is diminished. Jane Kerkovich-Williams is clearly in the latter group, as seen on Tuesday's season premiere of "Happy Endings."

For those unfamiliar with "Happy Endings", the show is set in Chicago, so the Jordan reference makes sense. The Chris Bosh diss, on the other hand, was kind of out of left field, but many of the jokes on the show are. It's also worth noting that this isn't the first time "Happy Endings" has made a LeBron joke.

I can't help but wonder what Jane will say next year if Kobe Bryant matches Jordan's six rings, but only after teaming up with Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. Does that get an asterisk too?