Well... this looks different

Holy crap, what the hell happened with the AdamReisinger.com I knew and... well, loved isn't the right word... umm... visited?

I'd actually been thinking about changing things up around here for awhile. I tinkered with a radical new design back in 2010, but ended up settling for a design that was something in between what I'd had on iWeb and a modern Blogger look. I'd tweaked it since then, but in May -- when I realized the site was more than 10 years old -- I decided to make some big changes.

The biggest, as you can see from the banner, is that the site will no longer be called "AdamReisinger.com". In all honesty, that made sense back when the site was nothing more than a series of personal posts about what was going on in my life (see the posts from, oh, say 2002-2006 for good examples of this). It's not that anymore. Sure, I mostly write opinion posts about things I read, watch, play, visit, etc., but it's not frame through the prism of "I did this", "I bought this", "I'm going here" anymore.

As for the name, I've been trying to think of a new name ever since I decided on this change, but nothing quite stuck. Then I saw a tweet from @HPbasketball and there it was. You Only Blog Once. It's just the right mix of completely meaningless, stupidly trendy and annoyingly catchy that it works.

It also has a bit of an additional meaning, or two words that aren't included. Because after a long stretch of infrequent blogging, I'm going to try to update daily around here. So it'll be You Only Blog Once (a day).

Jersey Monday will continue -- on Mondays, obviously -- though it's only got about another year or two of life left in it. Tuesdays will feature a review of at least one of the Monday shows on my TV schedule, probably "Gossip Girl" early in the year (since it's the final season). Wednesdays will see the resumption of "This Week in Comics", where I do quickie reviews of the comics on my pull list that week. Not sure what's going to happen on Thursdays. Desktop Girl of the Week will FINALLY resume -- the last one was in FEBRUARY -- and moves to Fridays. Saturday, at least for 13 weeks, will feature "Community" reviews. Sundays are up in the air too.

I've got some other ideas for the site too, but they're still works in progress. I'm also open to ideas, and even contributions -- which would be less weird now that the site is no longer under the brand name of my name.

Lastly, as you probably noticed, the name in the address bar still says "adamreisinger.com". That's because Google is having some technical difficulties with domains on Blogger accounts. That'll change as soon as possible. For now, if you go to "youonlyblogonce.com", it'll forward you here. Once I can flip the switch, adamreisinger.com will forward you to youonlyblogonce.com. So you don't HAVE to update your bookmarks, but it'd save you a redirect if you did. I'll let you know when the change is made.