Jersey Monday: Metta World Peace

It's hard to tell from this photo -- thanks to the flash on the iPhone -- but this jersey is signed by Mr. World Peace himself, the former Ron Artest.

Now, normally I don't buy autographed merchandise -- I do collect autographs, but I prefer to obtain them in person -- but I do make one exception: charities. This particular jersey was auctioned off to support Eliza Dushku's THRIVE-Gulu charity, which is dedicated to establishing a trauma healing and reflection center in Northern Uganda.

The way I look at it, the money I "spent" on this jersey was money that I otherwise would have just donated straight up to a good cause. The jersey was just a bonus.

As for the jersey itself, it's an authentic, player-sized jersey, but not game-used or even game-issued. But who cares about that. It's a jersey that says "World Peace" on the back. I don't think I quite grasped the absurdity of what Ron Artest had done to his name until I saw this jersey up close. Plus, it serves as a goal/mission statement: achieve world peace by the year 2015. By which point Kobe Bryant will still have five championship rings (sorry Lakers fans... had to get one dig into this post).