Mini-Review: Morning Glories #20

I could probably leave it at that, but let me expand briefly on my tweet on "Morning Glories" #20. The issue explores the shared backstories of Miss (Lara) Hodge and Miss (Georgina) Daramount and how those are tied in to the history of Morning Glories Academy. As with everything in this book so far, all is not as it seems, and by the end of the issue, we learn something pretty shocking about one of the two characters (I don't want to give it away, but trust me, I didn't see it coming). Nick Spencer continues to weave a masterful tale, and nothing goes to waste. There are parallels between the lives of these two characters in the past and our protagonists now, some obvious, some less so, all of which feel important. Almost as importantly, Spencer trusts the audience enough to go away from the Issue #19 cliffhanger and into a separate -- done almost entirely flashback -- story.

As always, the art from penciller Joe Eisma and colorist Alex Sollazzo is spectacular. This is almost always the best looking book I get every month, and I love just looking at it. One of the highlights of this issue was seeing Lara and Georgina grow from a young age to their current one, as Eisma actually made them look distinctively youthful in each appropriate flashback.

If you haven't been reading "Morning Glories", Issue #20 isn't exactly a "jumping on" point, but with the first 19 issues all collected in trades now, it's a great time to add it to your monthly pull list.