Review: Angel & Faith #9 - "Daddy Issues, Pt. 4"


Still reeling from her father’s unexpected appearance, Faith goes rogue, taking on Drusilla and her pet demon. It’s time to burn off some anger. Angel is hot on her tail, but he may be too late to save her from Dru, and ultimately herself.

140-WORD RECAP Breezing through the issue, so you don't have to

Faith is getting brain-sucked. Angel shows up too late. The Lorophage has taken her “pain”. Angel asks how she feels about killing Professor Worth. She doesn’t respond. Angel wants the demon to reverse the process. Drusilla says no, and attacks Angel. The Lorophage jumps into the fight, and tries to mind-suck Angel. Faith jumps in to stop it, realizing she’s made a mistake. Faith takes Dru, Angel takes the Lorophage, and flips his talons on him. That kills the demon AND unleashes all the pain he “took” back into the world. A horrified Dru turns crazy again, and actually thanks Angel for doing so. Everyone else isn’t so grateful. Dru escapes. The mob attacks Angel and Faith. They get out and have a big wrap-up convo. Faith admits she saw in the fight that Angel’s getting pieces of Giles’ soul.

140-CHARACTER REVIEW Twitter-friendly summary of my thoughts

"Dialogue-heavy issue touches on lots of key themes in the Angel/Faith relationship while taking another good step in the ongoing Giles story"


FOUR: Things I liked

- It was hard to get into in the 140-word recap, but the dialogue in this issue really got into the core of the Angel/Faith relationship, and how they're really the only two people who "get" each other. I loved the specific references to "Five by Five" and Professor Worth. It's that attention to detail that makes everything else work.
- No one but Rebekah Isaacs should ever draw Faith ever again. The way she brings the emotion out of the character's eyes in just incredible.
- I loved that when the Lorophage Demon was killed, it reversed EVERYTHING it had done, which had serious unintended consequences. The Buffyverse is better when the good things the good guys do aren't universally good.
- The last panel, with that sweet image of Dru, and Angel's admission. Just beautiful.

THREE: Things I didn't like
- I couldn't believe Faith went through with it. I understand it was necessary from a plot perspective, but it felt out of character (even with the reference to "Angel" Season 1).
- I'm gonna miss sane, sadistic Dru (and more on that shortly).
- The Giles soul moment that happened during the fight was so subtle that I had to go back and re-read it after it was referenced near the end, and even then it wasn't easy to spot.

TWO: Things that came to mind upon Angel's explanation of getting Giles's soul back
- The obvious immediate thought was "Harry Potter". The whole thing about pieces of the soul felt very "horcruxy".
- The less obvious comparison, but one that came to mind for me was "Fringe" and the "soul magnets" William Bell used to occupy Olivia. In that case, Bell's occupation of Olivia's body nearly killed Olivia's soul, which seems like the potential outcome they're hinting at here with Angel and Giles.

ONE: MIA spinoff
- At the end of the issue, Dru runs off and... well, we don't know. And we won't, now that her spin-off mini-series has been shelved indefinitely. In all honesty, I hadn't been particularly interested in the Dru series when it was announced, but reading this arc piqued my interest. Now we can just hope that Dru shows up again, either in this series, Buffy Season 9 or even the Spike mini.


  1. I love drusilla and angel! How much I miss Cordelia....Angel and Cordelia are my favourite couples. I hope writers will bring Cordelia back the dead. I know Cordelia millions fan wants her back in comic.


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