The Marvel Superheroes Basketball Team

For awhile Wednesday afternoon, the NBA Twitterverse was lit up, discussing various superheroes and how their abilities would translate to the basketball court.

It was largely thanks to this YouTube video, showing a modded version of NBA 2K12 staging a game between the Justice League and the Avengers. And it got me thinking...

Now, my knowledge of the DC universe is relatively limited, so I'm going to stick to my wheelhouse here and put together a team of 12 Marvel characters that I think would be pretty amazing (and incredible and fantastic and uncanny, etc., etc.). The game would still be played under the normal rules of basketball, with normal basketball uniforms, so Tony Stark couldn't use his Iron Man armor, Thor couldn't use his hammer, Cap couldn't use his shield and so on. So here's my roster.


Owner: Tony Stark
GM: Nick Fury
Head Coach: Charles Xavier


Point Guard: Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Even without his web-shooters, Spidey would be a force at the point. Offensively, his speed, strength and spidey-sense would allow him to distribute the ball like Rajon Rondo, and his leaping ability makes him a threat to dunk from anywhere on the court.

Shooting Guard: Steve Rodgers/Captain America
You'd have to imagine that his accuracy with throwing his shield would translate well to shooting, and his superhuman ability makes him like Tony Allen on steroids on D.

Small Forward: Jean Grey
An unconventional choice to be sure, but think of her as like the Shane Battier of this team (before Battier joined the Heat and turned to crap). Her telekinetic abilities make every perimeter shot she takes pretty much guaranteed to find its home at the bottom of the net, and defensively she knows what the other team is going to do before they do. Plus, if she makes a few shots in a row and that Phoenix Force kicks in, you can literally say, "she's on FIRE!"

Power Forward: Thaddeus Ross/Red Hulk
Unlike his green counterpart, Red Hulk is tactically intelligent, which makes him less of a wild card. Plus, he can augment his own power by absorbing energy, which makes him the perfect player to bang in the post.

Center: Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic
This seemed like the only logical choice, considering he did just win a title at Kentucky.
Oh, that was Anthony Davis? Sure... you keep believing that.


Point Guard: Kaine Parker/Scarlet Spider
He's literally a clone of starting point guard Spider-Man. How much would the Bulls love to have a Derrick Rose clone sitting on their bench right now?

Shooting Guard: Clint Barton/Hawkeye
The most accurate sharpshooter in the world? Yeah, that's the guy I want taking my last-second threes (assuming Ray Allen is stuck on the Celtics).

Combo Guard: Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler
It's still undetermined whether he'd be allowed to pass it to himself via teleportation (I'd lean toward that being traveling), but even so, he's basically a one-man rotation recovery on defense.

Small Forward: Anna Marie/Rogue
Another unconventional choice, but tell me this: how do you guard someone you can't touch? On the flip side, would every foul she commits be considered flagrant?

Power Forward: Bruce Banner/Hulk
Given the nature of Banner's condition, he's better suited to coming off the bench and playing in short spurts. You have to let him get angry to get him in proper playing mode, and he'll likely be spent after a long TV timeout.

Forward/Center: Piotr Rasputin/Colossus
He gives this team a nice foreign component, he's got size and strength inside, and we've seen from his fastball special that he's a great outlet passer.

Center: Hank Pym/Giant Man
It's true what they say: you can't teach size. You especially can't teach the kind of size that comes from mental manipulation of Pym Particles.