Review: Angel & Faith #8, "Daddy Issues, Pt. 3"

I know this review is coming super late, to the point that I almost skipped it. But I skipped "Angel & Faith" last month, so I felt obligated to get back to it this month. Plus, it gives me a chance to introduce my new streamlined review format, which should get to the point way faster. Well, aside from this pointless intro.


"Faith faces off against a troubled Slayer and the Irish mob, which is no easy task with a visitor from her past clouding her thoughts! Even with support from Angel, will Faith be able to maintain her sanity and follow her new righteous path or will she take the easy route and fall back on her old, murderous tendencies?"


Faith breaks up a fight between Nadira and other slayers. Faith and Nadira fight. Nadira's pissed that nobody’s found Pearl and Nash yet. Faith offers her a way to take the pain away. Nadira rejects that. Back at Giles's place, Faith's dad is in deep with the mob and wants Faith to kill the guy. Faith says she doesn't do that and tells dad to get lost. But Jimmy, the mob boss shows up and a fight breaks out. Angel gets shot. Faith chops off some arms. Angel tells the mob guys to get lost. They do. Back inside, Faith and dad fight again. Faith blames him for what she is, nearly choking him to death in the process. Angel kicks him out, but while he does, a tearful Faith sneaks away to Drusilla, and asks her to have the Lorophage demon take the pain away, as Angel looks on.


FOUR: Things I Liked

- Rebekah Isaacs really knows how to bring out the emotion in a scene, and she's at her best at the end of the Faith/Nadira fight. In particular, I adored the shadowing on Nadira as she walked away.
- There's a small scene with some slayers and some "zompires" that nicely ties the continuity of "Buffy Season 9" and "Angel and Faith" together.
- Faith's dad had a really twisted logic to pretty much everything he did in this issue, and it totally makes sense with everything we knew -- or more accurately didn't know -- about Faith prior to her showing up in Sunnydale in Season 3.
- The Drew Bledsoe jersey reference. It's a tiny thing, but it's something that Christos Gage, as a Patriots fan, gets just right. It totally meshes with the timeframe too, with a likely pre-teen Faith in the early '90s.

THREE: Things I Didn't Like

- Between "Buffy" and "Angel & Faith", there's been a lot of limb severing lately. It's not quite "superpower" territory, but it's starting to veer back in that direction of "things we can do in comics that we couldn't do on the show." Then again, they actually did it on "Angel".
- Nadira's starting to feel a little one-note. Faith even mentions it in a bit of a meta moment, saying "Every time I see you, you're kicking someone's ass who doesn't deserve it."
- Taken at face value, Faith's decision at the end of the book seems very out of character, even given all she's just experienced. I hope there's a twist coming, because I've never seen Faith as the quitting type.

TWO: Covers

- The action-based Isaacs cover is my favorite of the two this month, though the Morris cover (pictured above) is compelling in its creepiness.

ONE: Overall Score

- 4 out of 5.