Review: Psylocke Premium Format Statue (Sideshow)

Sideshow's latest premium format statue from its X-Men line arrived this week. Once again, I received the exclusive edition, which is limited to 750 pieces and is sold out on Sideshow's site. The premium format comes with an exclusive art print and a switch-out portrait, featuring what Sideshow calls the "classic '90s hairstyle."

There are three switch-out elements on this statue, assuming you get the exclusive edition. In addition to the head, there are two options for the right arm (sword and psionic blast) and two options for her waistband (X-Men logo belt and sash). If you go through the gallery below, you'll see all eight possible combinations.

The status itself is well done, though once again this is a premium format statue with decidedly little cloth clothing. Psylocke's boots, leg wraps, gloves and arm wraps are all sculpted on. This makes for a more consistently accurate look, but is a little disappointing considering that the real material clothing used to be one of the big things that separated the premium format line from the comiquette line.

As it is, the big thing that continues to separate those two lines is size. Check out this side-by-side of the Psylocke comiquette and the premium format:

Yes, the comiquette does have Psylock in a slightly seated position, but it's still pretty clear that the premium format dwarfs the comiquette. Sideshow lists the premium format as being 22.5 inches high, but that includes the base and the extra height from the psionic attachement. From head to toe, she's more like 17 inches tall, while comiquette Psylocke is closer to 13.5, adjusting for the seated position.

Comparing the facial portraits, I'd have to say the premium format is a huge improvement over the comiquette, no matter which of the two heads you choose to display on the premium format. And while the torso is the only cloth element on the piece, the way it reflects light makes the color incredibly vibrant.

The regular edition of the Psylocke premium format statue is still available for pre-order at Sideshow for $299.99. That may seem steep, but it's only $35 more than the comiquette cost (though obviously the comiquette came with a much more elaborate base than the premium format). If you already have the comiquette, you have to decide how much shelf space you want to dedicate to Psylocke. If you skipped the comiquette, then I'd say go right ahead and jump on this one, since it probably won't be available long.  Sideshow's premium format statues are always an eye-catcher, and this one is no exception.