Desktop Girl of the Week: Megan Hilty

When I first started seeing ads for "Smash", I recognized Megan Hilty right away, but I couldn't pinpoint where I recognized her FROM. Now, this being 2012, I could have gone online right away, looked up her IMDB résumé and figured it out in five seconds, but I wanted to try and remember on my own. I kept seeing the ads and kept trying and it just wasn't clicking.

Finally, after watching the premiere of "Smash", I gave in and looked it up and as soon as I saw it, I felt like an idiot for not remembering it. I'd recognized Hilty from what most people would consider a relatively tiny role, her guest appearance on the series finalé of "Eli Stone".

The short-lived ABC series was probably one of my favorites of the last decade, and I'm still disappointed it didn't last longer. It was really a brilliant show, but one that because of its religious themes probably turned off a lot of casual viewers.

Hilty was only in one scene of the finale, but apparently struck enough of a cord with me that I vaguely remembered it three years later. Looking at that picture, it's not hard to figure out why. She's strikingly beautiful, and her vocals on the premiere of "Smash" were impressive. As I said in my review earlier this week, I'll definitely keep tuning in.

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