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Composite NBA Power Rankings for Feb. 21

In case you haven't figured this out yet, let me give you a quick refresher on the Composite NBA Power Rankings: I've picked 11 representative weekly power rankings and two automated daily power rankings from around the web. I drop each team's highest and lowest ranking, then average out the remaining 11 rankings and sort the teams by lowest average.

For the second consecutive week, we've only got 12 rankings. This time it was Britt Robson of SI.com, doing midseason grades for each team, rather than ranking them. I'd recommended checking them out, especially if you're a Bobcats fan (no F!).

For full disclosure purposes, here are the 13 rankings usually included in the composite. If there's a major one you think I've missed, let me know and I'll be happy to add it, as long as it gets published on either Monday or Tuesday.

Sam Amico (FoxSports.com), Complex.com, Zach Harper (HoopSpeak.com), Kurt Helin (ProBasketballTalk), Matt Moore (CBSSports.com), Eric Pincus (Hoopsworld), Britt Robson (SI.com), John Schuhmann (NBA.com), Chris Sheridan (SheridanHoops.com), Marc Stein (ESPN.com), Tom Ziller (SB Nation), Jeff Sagarin (USA Today), John Hollinger (ESPN.com)

There's been some movement within the rankings, but not at the top or bottom, where the same teams come in where they did a week ago. But should they be? Let's take a look at all 30 teams and find out.

Composite NBA Power Rankings - Week of Feb. 7
1. Miami Heat (last week: 1)
High: 1, allLow: 1, allAverage: 1.00
t-2. Oklahoma City Thunder (last week: 3)
High: 2, Complex/SagarinLow: 4, Sheridan/HollingerAverage: 3.00
t-2. San Antonio Spurs (last week: 4)
High: 2, manyLow: 4, manyAverage: 3.00
t-2. Chicago Bulls (last week: 2)
High: 2, manyLow: 5, SteinAverage: 3.00
5. Dallas Mavericks (last week: 7)
High: 5, manyLow: 7, PincusAverage: 5.20
6. Los Angeles Clippers (last week: 5)
High: 4, SteinLow: 7, manyAverage: 6.00
7. Philadelphia 76ers (last week: 6)
High: 6, SagarinLow: 9, Ziller/HarperAverage: 7.80
8. Orlando Magic (last week: 11)
High: 6, manyLow: 15, SagarinAverage: 7.90
9. Los Angeles Lakers (last week: 10)
High: 7, MooreLow: 10, Ziller/HollingerAverage: 8.70
10. Indiana Pacers (last week: 9)
High: 10, manyLow: 16, SheridanAverage: 11.70
11. Houston Rockets (last week: 14)
High: 9, MooreLow: 14, Sheridan/ComplexAverage: 12.20
12. Atlanta Hawks (last week: 8)
High: 10, manyLow: 16, Stein/HollingerAverage: 12.50
13. Memphis Grizzlies (last week: 18)
High: 10, SheridanLow: 16, MooreAverage: 13.10
14. New York Knicks (last week: 16)
High: 7, ZillerLow: 22, SagarinAverage: 13.70
15. Portland Trail Blazers (last week: 15)
High: 9, HollingerLow: 17, MooreAverage: 14.20
16. Denver Nuggets (last week: 12)
High: 9, SagarinLow: 18, SchumannAverage: 14.40
17. Minnesota Timberwolves (last week: 19)
High: 11, SteinLow: 19, ComplexAverage: 16.60
18. Boston Celtics (last week: 13)
High: 17, manyLow: 19, HollingerAverage: 17.60
19. Utah Jazz (last week: 17)
High: 17, manyLow: 21, HollingerAverage: 18.70
20. Phoenix Suns (last week: 21)
High: 20, manyLow: 23, SheridanAverage: 21.00
21. Cleveland Cavaliers (last week: 23)
High: 19, MooreLow: 24, SheridanAverage: 21.90
22. Golden State Warriors (last week: 22)
High: 18, HollingerLow: 25, SheridanAverage: 22.10
23. Milwaukee Bucks (last week: 20)
High: 20, HarperLow: 26, SteinAverage: 22.20
24. Detroit Pistons (last week: 26)
High: 20, Sheridan/SteinLow: 27, SagarinAverage: 23.00
25. Sacramento Kings (last week: 24)
High: 24, MooreLow: 28, SheridanAverage: 25.70
26. New Orleans Hornets (last week: 29)
High: 21, SheridanLow: 29, ZillerAverage: 26.10
27. New Jersey Nets (last week: 27)
High: 25, Stein/AmicoLow: 27, manyAverage: 26.30
28. Toronto Raptors (last week: 25)
High: 25, HarperLow: 29, Schumann/SteinAverage: 27.50
29. Washington Wizards (last week: 28)
High: 28, manyLow: 29, manyAverage: 28.80
30. Charlotte Bobcats (last week: 30)
High: 30, everyoneLow: 30, everyoneAverage: 30 (forever)
Average calculated after removing highest and lowest ranking

AT THE TOP: For the first time ever (in the four weeks I've been tracking this), we have a unanimous #1, with the Heat getting all 12 first-place votes. They've separated themselves from the scrum for second, which sees the Spurs, Thunder and Bulls all in a dead heat (no pun intended).

HIGH RISER: Memphis Grizzlies, up 5
The Grizzlies are starting to put things together, even before Zach Randolph comes back, which has to be scary for the playoff teams in the west.

BIG FALLER: Boston Celtics, down 5
Boston and Memphis actually flipped spots this week, as the Celtics are falling apart both literally (with a litany of injuries) and figuratively (flinging balls at referees).

LOUD NOISES Team of the Week (least consensus): New York Knicks
As you can see above, the Lin-led Knicks came in as high as 7 and as low as 22. The 22 actually came from one of the computer rankings, and factors in the loss to the Nets, while the 7 is a human ranking pre-NJ loss. Still, some other Knicks rankings are 13, 15, 10, 14, 17... so no one really knows what to do with this team yet.

SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW Team of the Week (most consensus): Miami Heat, Charlotte Bobcats
The top and bottom of the NBA are unanimous. Among the non-obvious picks, nearly everyone was in agreement on the Celtics, who were ranked 18 by six rankings, 17 by five, and an outlier of 19 by one of the computers.

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