Jersey Monday: AJ Green

Thanks to the convergence of both January 1st falling on a Sunday and the NFL regular season stretching into January, the "traditional" January 1st bowl games are being played today, January 2nd (and, of course, thanks to the BCS, a couple of those "traditional" games won't be played until later this week).

One of those bowl games, The Outback Bowl, will feature the Georgia Bulldogs, who just happen to be one of the few college football teams for which I own a jersey.

I picked up this AJ Green replica jersey at the Georgia campus bookstore when I was there last February, after Green had declared for the NFL Draft. Despite the fact that all officially licensed college jerseys are sold without names on the back, this was readily identified by the bookstore as a Green jersey, and as such had been slashed to 50% off since Green wouldn't be returning for another season at Georgia.

Georgia didn't noticeably change their uniforms this season, so there's no reason the bookstore couldn't have held on to all the Green jerseys and sold them in 2011 as jerseys for freshman DB Chris Sanders -- well, except the fact that no one's going to buy a jersey of a freshman DB who only played in two games and recorded two total tackles on the season.

Of course, this exposes the hypocrisy of the NCAA's jersey marketing. Officially, this is just a Georgia jersey that happens to have the number 8 on it. But everyone knew it was a Green jersey, which made it more valuable when they were selling it while he was with the team, but making it less marketable once he was gone. I'm not really sure what the rules would be about Georgia stashing all their leftover Green jerseys for a few years, then breaking them out as "throwbacks" at full -- or even marked up -- price, but I'm pretty sure Nike wouldn't be happy with that.

Adding to that is the irony that Green was suspended in 2010 for selling his own jersey, an actual game-used one, but the Georgia store was making tons of money by selling the same jersey, just without the five letters on the back. Go NCAA!