Gossip Girl "G.G." Reaction

Oh. Em. Gee.

That was my reaction after Monday night's "Gossip Girl", in which it was revealed that Georgina Sparks IS Gossip Girl.

Or is she?

The way I see it, there are three ways to interpret the final scene of "G.G.", which sees Georgina updating the titular site after playing a large role in wrecking Blair's wedding (which, much to my surprise, still went forward, but ended in tears nonetheless).

  1. Take the scene at face value. Georgina is Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl is Georgina. 
  2. Georgina isn't Gossip Girl, but took advantage of Gossip Girl's post-accident hiatus to hack into the site and take up the mantle temporarily.
  3. "Gossip Girl" isn't a single person, but an identity that gets passed down through the years, like a Dread Pirate Roberts of the Upper East Side (and if you think I'm just making that comparison to also point out the inconceivably awesome "Princess Bride" reference from Wallace Shawn, well, you're right. But my point stands.).
In all honesty, scenario #1 seems highly unlikely. The series started with the characters -- Georgina included -- being juniors in high school, and by that point, the "Gossip Girl" website (in universe) was already well established. It's entirely possible Georgina could have started it while in middle school, but that doesn't seem plausible, even for a show like this.

The second scenario seems totally plausible, but unnecessarily complex, and wouldn't really require the big reveal like they had at the end of this episode.

The third scenario is the most likely, and fits best with the show's timeline. It's entirely possible that Georgina, having been exiled to Brooklyn, wanted to take revenge on her former friends, and somehow connected with the previous Gossip Girl to take up the mantle. 

More importantly is what this reveal means for the series out-of-universe. It was always assumed that the identity of Gossip Girl herself wouldn't be revealed until the series finale (hell, the line is the opening credits goes "And who am I? That's my secret I'll never tell."), but now they've gone and most likely brought out that big gun with about 10 episodes to go this season. It's obvious the show's ratings are down, so this could be an attempt to get things back on the right track, or an acknowledgement that a sixth season is far from guaranteed. Also, does this mean Michelle Trachtenberg's voice replaces Kristen Bell's going forward? Because as much as I love my Dawnie, I would not be in favor of that.

I WOULD be in favor of this Nate and Lola/RealCharlie story going forward, because that's going to create one special kind of awesome mess later this season. Also, I'd be in favor of the show dumping Louis as soon as possible. I rarely empathize with fictional characters, but I actually felt horrible for Blair when Louis was revealing why he went through with the wedding. It was the final step for the character into total evil douche mode, and at least when Chuck was a total evil douche, he was fun. Louis isn't fun.