Composite NBA Power Rankings for Jan. 31

Pretty much every site on the planet does NBA power rankings these days. I even saw a set this week on a food blog. So obviously what the NBA blogosphere needs is another set of rankings.

Ah, but these are different. These are COMPOSITE NBA power rankings. Because who has time to read EVERY NBA power ranking out there? Not you, my busy, about-the-town reader. So I've taken a dozen separate rankings and combined them into a single 1 through 30 for your convenience.

Here's how this works: I've picked 11 representative weekly power rankings and two automated daily power rankings from around the web. I drop each team's highest and lowest ranking, then average out the remaining 11 rankings and sort the teams by lowest average. Dropping the high and low eliminates outliers and also mitigates any massive swings from Monday to Tuesday, since seven of the 13 rankings are published before Monday's games (Chris Sheridan's are actually published on Sunday) and the remaining six factor those in.

For full disclosure purposes, here are the 13 rankings included in the composite. If there's a major one you think I've missed, let me know and I'll be happy to add it, as long as it gets published on either Monday or Tuesday.

Sam Amico (,, Zach Harper (, Kurt Helin (ProBasketballTalk), Matt Moore (, Eric Pincus (Hoopsworld), Britt Robson (, John Schuhmann (, Chris Sheridan (, Marc Stein (, Tom Ziller (SB Nation), Jeff Sagarin (USA Today), John Hollinger (

Now that the particulars have been sorted out, on to the rankings!

Composite NBA Power Rankings - Week of Jan. 31
1. Miami Heat
High: 1, manyLow: 3, SheridanAverage: 1.55
t-2. Oklahoma City Thunder
High: 1, manyLow: 8, HollingerAverage: 2.36
t-2. Chicago Bulls
High: 1, Sagarin/HollingerLow: 4, SteinAverage: 2.36
4. Denver Nuggets
High: 3, SteinLow: 6, manyAverage: 4.82
5. Philadelphia 76ers
High: 3, SagarinLow: 7, manyAverage: 5.45
6. Atlanta Hawks
High: 4, HelinLow: 9, Moore/SteinAverage: 6.36
7. Los Angeles Clippers
High: 4, manyLow: 12, HollingerAverage: 6.73
8. Indiana Pacers
High: 5, Pincus/SteinLow: 11, SagarinAverage: 7.82
9. Dallas Mavericks
High: 4, AmicoLow: 12, SheridanAverage: 8.18
10. San Antonio Spurs
High: 7, SagarinLow: 16, PincusAverage: 11.18
11. Houston Rockets
High: 10, manyLow: 18, HollingerAverage: 12.45
12. Portland Trail Blazers
High: 7, HollingerLow: 17, RobsonAverage: 12.55
13. Los Angeles Lakers
High: 10, RobsonLow: 17, SheridanAverage: 12.82
14. Utah Jazz
High: 10, manyLow: 17, SteinAverage: 13.18
15. Orlando Magic
High: 9, ComplexLow: 20, Moore/SteinAverage: 15.64
16. Memphis Grizzlies
High: 13, SteinLow: 19, Moore/RobsonAverage: 16.00
17. Minnesota Timberwolves
High: 11, HollingerLow: 19, Schuhmann/ZillerAverage: 16.18
18. Boston Celtics
High: 16, manyLow: 19, Complex/SagarinAverage: 16.82
19. Milwaukee Bucks
High: 13, RobsonLow: 20, manyAverage: 18.36
20. Cleveland Cavaliers
High: 15, Moore/ZillerLow: 25, HollingerAverage: 19.36
21. Phoenix Suns
High: 21, manyLow: 26, HollingerAverage: 22.09
22. Toronto Raptors
High: 20, HollingerLow: 25, Amico/SheridanAverage: 22.45
23. New Jersey Nets
High: 20, SheridanLow: 25, Complex/HarperAverage: 23.09
24. Golden State Warriors
High: 21, Harper/HollingerLow: 25, manyAverage: 23.64
25. New York Knicks
High: 21, AmicoLow: 27, SteinAverage: 23.91
26. Sacramento Kings
High: 26, manyLow: 29, HollingerAverage: 26.36
27. New Orleans Hornets
High: 20, SagarinLow: 29, Amico/PincusAverage: 26.91
28. Washington Wizards
High: 26, Complex/MooreLow: 29, manyAverage: 27.45
29. Detroit Pistons
High: 28, manyLow: 29, manyAverage: 28.55
30. Charlotte Bobcats
High: 30, everyoneLow: 30, everyoneAverage: 30 (duh)
Average calculated after removing highest and lowest ranking

Interestingly, if we take the Tuesday rankings -- Harper, Moore, Robson, Amico and the computers -- out of the equation, the Thunder would have been the No. 1 team. However, their loss to the Clippers didn't hurt them too much, knocking them down just a spot (or a spot and a half if you split the difference on the tie with the Bulls). And while it's not surprising that OKC's lowest ranking comes from a Tuesday list, it is surprising that the same is the case for the Clippers (Hollinger in both cases).

LOUD NOISES Team of the Week (least consensus): Orlando Magic
The Magic had the highest standard deviation among the 13 rankings out of all 30 teams, and the widest range between their highest ranking and their lowest. That's no surprise for a team that has a relatively good record, but has looked awful of late.

SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW Team of the Week (most consensus): Charlotte Bobcats
All 13 rankers agreed the Bobcats deserved to be in the cellar, and this DeSagana Diop free throw is their proof.