Having Fun With Kanye and The Heat's Intro Video

Yesterday, the Miami Heat unveiled their 2011-12 intro video, set to Kanye West's "All of the Lights". If you haven't seen it already, take a look.

It's solid, a little cheesy, and not quite as chill-inducing as last year's "In The Air Tonight" intro (which, admittedly, was even cheesier with players awkwardly trying to look hard in formalwear). Part of the problem with the video is the song choice. While "All of the Lights" is a good song, and has the potential to get a crowd hyped, it doesn't give off that fired-up feel here, particularly because it eschews the best parts of the song (mainly Kanye's verses) for the warmed-over Rihanna hook.

So what if they'd shot the same video, but switched up the Kanye song? Well, we can see exactly what that would've looked like, thanks to the magic of modern computers.

First up, "Heat in Paris" (language NSFW, which applies to most of these videos)

(Apologies for the weird audio cuts... My audio editing software wasn't cooperating when I cut these, so I had to do all the audio editing in iMovie, which isn't great)

Obviously because of the language, no team is ever going to use this as an intro video, but expect to hear this beat played throughout arenas this season. Speaking of beats...

I went with the instrumental on here because it's such a great beat. Some team in the league has to use this for an intro video this season, mixed with some carefully edited vocals from the original track.

But that's all recent stuff. What if we go back into the Kanye archives for a classic hit?

OK, that doesn't really work for the Heat, since the big storyline is how they DIDN'T get a ring last year, but keep that in the back pocket for (fingers crossed) next season. Not 4, not 5, not 6 diamonds. Forever ever? Forever ever.

Sticking with the Kanye and Jay-Z theme (which seems to come up a lot), how about this one?

Putting aside how incongruous the song is with the visuals from the actual Heat intro video for this season, this is pretty much the perfect song for a team intro video. I don't have a complete list of intro videos since '09-10 (which is the first season for which this song would've been available), but some team has to have used this by now, right?

On the flipside, I'm 100% confident in saying no one has used this next song.

Oh, Dexter Pittman, those lyrics worked out really poorly for you. I'm so sorry. Still, with VERY careful editing on the audio, that song would make for a really cool intro video.

Lastly, one for the haters... enjoy!