Watching The Throne at Mohegan Sun

A couple years ago when I was front row for Britney Spears at Madison Square Garden, I thought I'd never have a better time at a concert. I was wrong.

Last night I was at Mohegan Sun for the Jay-Z and Kanye West "Watch The Throne" Tour, which exceeded every expectation I had for the show. There was no opening act, just Jay-Z and Kanye trading turns on the mic -- sometimes performing their solo hits and sometimes performing together. Honestly, from the moment the performers hit the stages (there was one main stage, and a sub-stage across the floor, and at the start of the show, Kanye was on the main stage and Jay-Z was on the sub-stage, which was right in front of me), the energy level in the arena was off the charts, and it just kept getting louder and louder throughout the night.

Seats weren't really necessary at this show; I think I sat down twice during the entire course of the performance (once during "Made In America" and once during Kanye's talk about love during the rollout of "Runaway"). And the end of the show was just sick. The "last" song of the night was "Ni**as in Paris", only when they got to the end of Kanye's verse, they started the song again from the top. They then performed the whole thing, and left the stage. Then they came back out and performed it AGAIN. Same song, three times, and the crowd -- myself included -- got more hype each time. Hell, they probably could've done the song a dozen times and we still would've wanted more. As it was, they wrapped things up with Jay-Z's encore and called it a night after nearly three hours.

I was impressed with the variety of songs they hit during the night. They got to the majority of the best stuff from "Watch the Throne" (though no "Murder to Excellence" was a bit disappointing), and mixed in a really good selection of past Jay-Z/Kanye collaborations ("Diamonds", "Run This Town", "Monster") and solo hits. Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind" nearly brought the house down, as did Kanye's "Jesus Walks".

Oh, and speaking of those, they're just two of the six songs I got video of during the show. Hit the jump for all the videos, as well as a bunch of pictures.