Ripped: My Webcomic Debut

A few months ago, I backed a Kickstarter project for a new webcomic series that looked interesting. The series, "Ripped," was coming from the creative team of Emma Caulfield and Camilla Rantsen, and was based on the Jack the Ripper mythology, but with a different spin than what we'd seen done before. I actually backed the project twice, to get two different rewards, and on Tuesday, one of them came through.

If you look at the thumbnail of the comic to the left, you'll notice a pudgy fellow with a thick beard in the second panel. That, of course, would be me. I'm officially a comic character. You can click the image to head over to the site and get a more detailed view.

Now, I didn't just back this project to get drawn into the strip -- though that is an incredibly cool perk, and I love how artist Christian Meesey has rendered me -- but because Caulfield continues to produce incredibly creative ideas that tend to turn out amazing. "Bandwagon", the 2004 movie that was turned into a web series, is laugh-out-loud funny, "Contropussy", her previous webcomic, was incredible, and I can't say enough positive things about "TiMER", the 2009 sci-fi love story that I don't think nearly enough people have seen.

What I think I love best about Caulfield's projects is they tend to take concepts that are pretty straightforward and twist them just enough to really draw you in, making the conventional unconventional in a way. "Ripped" is only seven episodes in -- the strip comes out every Tuesday and Thursday -- but it already seems like it's going to continue that trend, and I suggest you get on board now.