Jersey Monday: Adrian Peterson

Monday Night Football Matchup: Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers

Last year, I took a look at my NFL jersey collection and pinpointed a couple teams that were in desperate need of an update, whether from a style perspective or a player perspective. At the top of that list was the Minnesota Vikings. I already had two Vikings jerseys, including an authentic, but both were for players no longer on the team. Well, they were no longer on the team at the time -- Randy Moss rejoined the Vikings briefly, kind of messing things up, but my Moss jersey was still the old style, and my Cris Carter jersey was out of date no matter how you looked at it.

So, in the interest of keeping with the times, I picked up this Adrian Peterson current style Vikings jersey. I'm not a huge fan of their updated style, but I do like the white jerseys a little more than the purple, so that's why I went with this one. As for why I went with Peterson, well, it's not like I was going to get a Brett Favre Vikings jersey, and they didn't really have a ton of other options. Besides, Peterson is one of the best players in the league, so it's not like this is a bad jersey to have. Quite the opposite in fact. Now, I don't wear it particularly often, because I'm not a Vikings fan and I've tried to narrow down the jerseys I do wear to the ones that represent the teams I actually like, but I don't regret the purchase in any way.

Jersey Monday will continue every Monday until I run out of jerseys to spotlight. And since I’ve got more than 150 of them, that could be awhile. For the remainder of the NFL season, Jersey Monday will feature one of the teams playing on Monday Night Football.