Gossip Girl "Rhodes to Perdition" Reaction

Just a couple days ago, I was having a discussion with a friend on Twitter about "Gossip Girl", in particular how this season seemed to be trudging along at a very slow, almost boring pace. So many of the ongoing threads have painfully telegraphed endings (Dan and his agent are almost definitely going to sleep together, possibly as soon as the next episode, there is no way that the Blair-Louis wedding happens and Serena will continue to do bland Serena things) and the show is getting badly overloaded with characters. We openly hypothesized what might be able to fix things, and everything we came to involved Charlie and somehow blowing things up with her.

While "Rhodes to Perdition" directly confronted that possibility, before setting things right again -- Max literally told everyone about Charlie/Ivy, but no one believed him, thanks to some joint duplicity between Charlie and Carol -- but there were hints that something bigger is coming.

Toward the end of the episode, as Carol and Chivy were discussing their ongoing arrangement (Carol gets money, Chivy gets to keep being Charlie in New York), and Carol said something to the effect of how her family would flip out if they ever knew what happened to the real Charlotte Rhodes.

God, I want to know the answer to that so badly, and I think introducing it would salvage what has been a meandering, directionless, punchless season. As soon as Carol said those words, my mind started going to all kinds of dark places. Is the real Charlie dead? Is she in jail? Was she kidnapped and has she be missing ever since? Obviously those are some really dark ideas, and reflect more on me than the tone of Carol's statement, but at this point bringing "real Charlie" into the picture is probably the only way to really shake this story up, and would give the show at minimum a solid three-episode arc to turn things on their head within the Rhodes/Van der Woodson/Humphrey family.

In other "Gossip Girl" happenings, the whole thing with Nate and his family and The Spectator was just yawn inducing. When did Nate get so useless in the bigger picture of the show? And again, all the Chuck/Blair stuff was fine, but again, we all know how that story ends, and we've seen this journey before, so it feels more like the writers not knowing what to do with the characters than any kind of actual progress. At least Louis wasn't actually in the episode to Chuck things up, so that's a huge positive.


  1. The real Charlie is dead- it was said in the episode The Wrong Goodbye- When Ivy was leaving and her 'mother' was giving her he payment as Ivy was leaving

  2. In that scene, Carol says "At least they won't come looking for my daughter", referring to Cece, Lily and family. She never explicitly says that the real Charlie is dead.


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