Jersey Monday: Andre Rison

Monday Night Football Matchup: San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs

This jersey is a little different from some of my other embarrassing jerseys. See, Andre Rison wasn't a bad player. He was a 5-time Pro Bowl selection and a 4-time All-Pro (a more impressive measure of someone's success). He won a Super Bowl. And he had a cool nickname (Andre "Bad Moon" Rison, a Chris Bermanism from back when those went mainstream. It helped if you were 10 years old the first time you heard it, which I was).

But the vast majority of that was in Rison's rear view by the time he joined the Chiefs. Yes, he did make the Pro Bowl in 1997, but with very pedestrian numbers (72 receptions, 1,092 yards, 7 touchdowns). So if there's a jersey you're going to get to represent his career, it probably wouldn't be this one. It'd most likely be the #80 he wore with the Falcons, back when he and Deion Sanders were teammates and I became obsessed with just how insanely cool that entire team was (seriously, the early '90s Falcons, with the black jerseys and the MC Hammer sideline appearances and the swagger... they were like the pied pipers of middle school suburban white kids).

That wasn't an option in '98, when I went to grab a Chiefs jersey to complete my collection, and with Joe Montana long since retired, Rison seemed like the best option on that roster -- well, technically Derrick Thomas would have been the obvious best option on that roster, but as far as I remember, my local sports shop didn't have his jersey, or Leslie O'Neil. My KC choices, if I'm remembering correctly, were Rison and Bam Morris, so sadly this ended up being the better of those jerseys.

Jersey Monday will continue every Monday until I run out of jerseys to spotlight. And since I’ve got more than 150 of them, that could be awhile. For the remainder of the NFL season, Jersey Monday will feature one of the teams playing on Monday Night Football.