Desktop Girl of the Week: Amber Heard

Ever since the last DGOW Tournament ended, I've been meaning to re-start the weekly naming of Desktop Girls of the Week. I fully intended to do it last week, but other things got in the way. I've even had a list of potential DGOW selections this time around, and the name at the top of that list was Amber Heard. She was atop the list for two reasons. First, it's sorted alphabetically by first name. Second, I didn't think her new show, "The Playboy Club" was long for this world, and I wanted to get to her early in case it got canceled.

Well, my procrastination finally bit me in the ass, as "The Playboy Club" was canceled after Monday's episode, just the third of the season. I said in my initial review of the show that it might not make it to Halloween. I didn't expect it to get canned before Columbus Day.

Hopefully this doesn't derail the career of Heard, who was probably the one redeeming aspect of the show. She doesn't have an acting résumé that screams A-list (hell, before "The Playboy Club", the thing I knew her best from was her minor role in "Zombieland"), but she definitely has classic Hollywood good looks, and she seems to be a decent enough actress that with the right project she could make it big. We'll probably get more insight into that in a couple weeks when "The Rum Diary" -- based on the Hunter S. Thompson novel -- comes out. Heard stars opposite Johnny Depp, and could get a huge career bump assuming the movie is successful (or at least a critical success).

Oh, and lastly, I should point out that while traditionally DGOW has played to my male readers (for, well, obvious reasons), Heard is openly gay, having come out in 2010. So, enjoy, ladies...

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