Sideshow Sue Storm Comiquette Review

Earlier this week, I received the exclusive edition of Sideshow's latest Women of Marvel Comiquette: Sue Storm (aka The Invisible Woman). The statue was announced more than a year ago, but finally shipped this month, and upon arrival I can say it's quite nice.

Availability on this comiquette is incredibly limited, as has been the case for most of the recent Marvel releases. The exclusive edition, with a print of the test art, is only 375 pieces, while the regular edition is limited to 600. That means there are less than 1,000 of these floating around, which probably explains why they're already sold out at Sideshow.

The statue is based on art by Jelena Djurdjevic, who has created a stunning image of Sue Storm, one that should be familiar to comic fans. Sue is portrayed in her classic Fantastic Four uniform, not the current white-and-black FF digs, which is a great choice, because it gives the statue a more timeless quality (I have a Rogue Sideshow statue in her "current" outfit, and I just never quite feel like it's really Rogue). The pose is dynamic and strong without being masculine, though I do think it worked better on the art than in the three-dimensional sculpt -- there are some angles, particularly from the direct side, that look a bit awkward.

The facial sculpt and paint job are both really well done, ranking among the best from the Marvel line so far. It would have been easy for them to skew too young with the character's look, but they avoided doing that.

The key challenge with any Sue Storm likeness is how to portray the invisibility trait in a static product. This is where this statue shines, using a clear resin on the feet, with the paint job on the legs gradually fading away. You can tell a little bit in that picture to the left that you can actually see through the resin, particularly when looking downward onto the base. Until invisibility becomes a reality, it's always going to be difficult to portray this aspect of Sue Storm's character, but Sideshow's really done a fantastic job here. The paint fade looks very natural, and upon closer inspection of my piece, I didn't see any stray paint marks that would ruin the illusion.

Overall this is a strong addition to the line, and looks great alongside any of the previously released Marvel comiquettes. Hit the jump for more pictures of the statue itself, the packaging, and the exclusive art print.