Jersey Monday: Tim Brown

I didn't think it would work out this way, but I went through the schedule, and I can spotlight a jersey of one of the teams playing on Monday Night Football -- a jersey that hasn't been used for "Jersey Monday" before -- for each week of the 2011 NFL season. So with that in mind, I'm just getting under the wire for Week 1 with this Tim Brown Oakland Raiders jersey.

If this jersey looks a little funky at the bottom, there's a reason for that. It's actually reversible. I can't remember exactly when Reebok was doing this -- I think it was the late '90s -- but these were officially licensed jerseys that featured the team color on one side and the white jersey on the other. You flipped it inside out and voilĂ ! Two jerseys!

Honestly, the gimmick blew. The white jersey side never really looked white, since the color side bled through the mesh. Because it was reversible, it was twice as thick, but you still had to wear a shirt under it, because the screen-printed numbers felt really uncomfortable directly against the skin, which meant if you were wearing it in the summer, you got super hot. Basically, I wish I'd saved my money (yes, they were more expensive than regular replicas too) and just bought a black Raiders Tim Brown jersey.

Brown has sort of been forgotten in the receiver explosion that's happened in the last few years, which is kind of disappointing considering just how good he was. First of all, he was a Heisman winner who didn't suck in the NFL, so he deserves major credit for that alone. He ranks near the top of every major NFL receiving list, was a nine-time Pro Bowl selection and a member of the NFL's All-'90s team. I guess he just had the misfortune of both never winning a Super Bowl and being overshadowed in the Bay Area for the entirety of his career by Jerry Rice (including the time when they were Raiders teammates).

Jersey Monday will continue every Monday until I run out of jerseys to spotlight. And since I’ve got more than 150 of them, that could be awhile. For the remainder of the NFL season, Jersey Monday will feature one of the teams playing on Monday Night Football.