DGOW Fave 5 - Summer Glau Roles

Before I get to the list of my favorite Summer Glau roles, I just want to clear up a misconception. There have been a few people who've e-mailed me saying it seems like I don't LIKE Summer Glau, based on what they've seen from this tournament so far. Nothing could be further from the truth. I'm a HUGE fan of Summer Glau. What I'm not a fan of is inevitability, and I quickly realized when I built the field of 32 that this was going to be a six-week long march toward Summer's inevitable victory. I've got no problem with Summer winning -- in fact, I personally voted for her in each round except the Final Four -- but I tried to spice things up along the way. Realistically, Summer was never in any danger of losing in any round, and she's not in danger of losing this week either. Still, voting will be open through Saturday, so make sure to spread the word if you haven't already (oh, and yes, technically, you can still vote for Emma Stone, but unless you and every single one of your Facebook friends and Twitter followers do so, it's probably not going to make much of a difference).

OK, now on to the Fave 5, with a couple quick caveats. First, I bailed on "The 4400" before Summer even joined the cast, which was probably my mistake. I totally skipped "The Unit", and I wasn't going to jump in for Summer's brief arc (sorry!), "Alphas" is sitting on my DVR to catch up with from the beginning, so I haven't seen her episode yet, and then there's "The Cape", which comes in at the fictional #6 spot in this Top 5. I just think the writing on that show really messed up a character that Summer tried to do her best with.

5. "Chuck"
I know she was only on the show for one episode, and had a minor, disposable role at that, but she was obviously my favorite of the Gretas last season (yes, moreso than both Towson alum Stacy Keibler and Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa). Plus, how can you not love a reunion with "Firefly" co-star Adam Baldwin. The only thing better might be a cameo on "Castle" ... wait, can we make that happen? Please?

4. "Angel"
Everything starts somewhere, and for Summer Glau, it started with this guest appearance as the mystical prima ballerina on a Season Three episode of "Angel". Joss Whedon put Glau's dancing on display, and had a whole scene that focused on her eyes, which might be the best thing ever.

3. "Dollhouse"
Bennett Halverson was introduced in the "DC Dollhouse" set of episodes, and what I loved about them is that the key characters at the DC Dollhouse were similar (though gender swapped) to their LA counterparts, but taken to an extreme. Glau's Halverson was very much like Topher, but immoral rather than amoral, and also hotter. Much, much hotter.

2. "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"
I was recently re-watching Season 2 of this series and it amazes me how much depth Glau brought to a character that was technically supposed to be an emotionless robot (literally). It also pisses me off that there was no resolution to the cliffhanger. If there had been a season 3, we probably would have gotten a chance to see more of the "Alison" character that Glau's terminator was based on, which was so tantalizing. Damn you, FOX.

1. "Firefly"/"Serenity"
Hey, speaking of "Damn you, FOX"... I probably could have listed these seperately, but that would have meant cutting another role from the list, which would have sucked even more. As awesome as Glau was on the short-lived "Firefly", she was so much better in "Serenity". The movie is perfection from start to finish, and River's evolution throughout is incredibly compelling. Hell, I'll probably watch it again tonight.

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  1. I hope Summer Glau fans were not to harsh with you; we are dedicated fans you know ;)
    I wrote myself you seemed to favor Sarah Michelle Gellar but i never said you don't like Summer.
    Also i was very amused by the way you seemed resigned to see Summer win.
    Thanks for your sense of humour!


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