DGOW Fave 5 - Emma Stone Roles

I put off this post (and it's corresponding post for the opponent -- don't worry Summer Glau fans) from last week since the voting in the DGOW Final goes through this entire week, but it might be too little too late for Emma Stone. Or maybe, too little too early, since her biggest movie, "The Amazing Spider-Man", isn't set to hit theaters until next summer. Still, Stone has been in plenty to this point in her career, enough that I can put together a Fave 5 of her roles to this point.*

*Note: I have yet to see "Crazy Stupid Love" or "The Help", which is why neither of them is on this list. I hear she's great in both of them, but neither is the kind of movie that screams "YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS IN THE THEATER" to me.

5. "Drive"
This is the OTHER short-lived Nathan Fillion series that FOX canceled before it had a chance to find an audience (and, unlike "Firefly", it doesn't have a cult following, in part because only six episodes got made, which isn't enough to produce an interestingly re-watchable narrative after the fact). Stone played Violet, the daughter/teammate of one of the competitors -- played by Dylan Baker, who interestingly enough was in the Sam Raimi "Spider-Man" trilogy as Curt Conners, who in "Spider-Man" lore is the alter ego of The Lizard, the primary villain in the upcoming "The Amazing Spider-Man." But I digress. Stone played one of the best characters on this show. It's worth tracking down if you can find the six episodes.

4. "The House Bunny"
I hate to admit this, but I like this cheesy Anna Faris movie more than I should. It's clich├ęd from start to finish, but somehow it just works, and Stone is a big part of that. She's probably a little too hot to be playing the nerdy outcast, but that's Hollywood for you.

3. "Superbad"
This is the movie that really launched Emma Stone's career -- and a billion annoying "McLovin" references over the last four years -- and while I love her in it, I'm not too sure how I feel about the movie anymore. Don't get me wrong, I like it. I just don't find it nearly as re-watchable as most people do. I think it's almost better in clips and quotes than as a full narrative.

2. "Easy A"
I thought I reviewed this movie back when I first saw it, but apparently I didn't. I do know that the first time someone asked me if it was worth seeing, I said "yes, if you don't mind a lazy ending." That's no knock on Stone, who's fabulous for the entire movie. It's just the first 90 percent of the movie takes a lot of risks with its characters and storytelling, then it all goes for the big copout at the end. More than anything, I was disappointed, because I thought it had a chance to be a great movie, and it settled for "really good." Stone, however, was great, and I've watched the movie multiple times just for her -- well, and Aly Michalka too.

1. "Zombieland"
C'mon, like there was any doubt. Especially once you got through the first four. What was I going to put here, "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past"? "The New Partridge Family"? "Marmaduke"? (note: I haven't actually seen any of those, and no amount of Emma Stone could get me to.) This remains one of the best movies I've seen in the last few years, it's incredibly re-watchable, and Stone is on point throughout. She doesn't carry the movie -- that task falls to Woody Harrelson -- but she does make it better with every scene she's in.  I'm still incredibly hopeful there's a sequel to this.

OK, so there you have it. Now, don't forget to vote before voting closes on Sept. 10. Emma Stone is WAY behind right now, and probably nothing short of a campaign by Stone herself is going to turn this around, but you never know.

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