2011 Desktop Girl of the Week Champion: Summer Glau

Well, that was just... not close. It was not close to a level that defies non-closeness. With a record number of votes cast in the four-tournament history of the DGOW tournament, Summer Glau captured an incredible 95.6% of the vote. It obviously helped that multiple Summer-focused websites picked up on the poll and publicized links, but even without those, Emma Stone would have never stood a chance.

So, Summer adds her name to this list:

2005: Monica Bellucci
2008: Christina Aguilera
2010: Scarlett Johansson
2011: Summer Glau

That'd make a sweet Final Four for a tournament of champions, wouldn't it?

And, as promised, here's Summer's victory prize (well, technically a victory prize for those that supported Summer). Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for conducting this tournament Adam, it was very enjoyable for Summer Glau fans.

    I'm glad that this was the most voted of all the tournament : Summer Glau fans are very dedicated you know.

  2. Also the video of Summer Glau you posted seems to be a success among the fans ;)

  3. What a great tribute to Summer! Thanks!

  4. summer glau ftw...!!! ;)

  5. "2011 Desktop Girl of the Week Champion: Summer Glau" this is real. my desktop 2010: Ducati multi strada & 2011 summer glau...

  6. So sexy, such a cutie, a sweetheart, and she's talented?

    I would crawl a mile over hot blacktop strewn with broken bottles with the road lined with stinging nettles just to etc etc yadda yadda yadda. ^_^

    She is a goddess.

  7. SHE IS a Goddess! When I think of the Ideal Woman, it's SUMMER GLAU!

  8. wooo hooo Summer won!
    also i like the video! the scenes used match the lyrics. well done!


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