Jersey Monday: Randy Moss

Obviously this would have made more sense to post LAST Monday, but Randy Moss's retirement announcement came after I'd already posted last week's Jersey Monday, so instead I'll take today to spotlight what is actually the newest jersey in my collection.

I wasn't planning on buying another Moss jersey (I already had two), but I was out shopping for some other clothes needs before going out to San Diego Comic-Con, and I happened to notice this jersey on sale for $20. Like I said, I didn't set out to buy a Moss jersey, and I really don't like the Patriots, but $20 is less than what I'd spend on a decent T-shirt, so it was a bargain. Plus, at that time, it seemed like a good possibility that Moss would re-sign with the Patriots once the lockout ended, and I'm still not convinced that won't happen at some point this season.

For now, though, we have to consider Moss retired, which of course means all the "legacy" talk. I was glad to see that last week all the talk of Moss always started with "aside from Jerry Rice", which meant no one was even insane enough to put Moss in Rice's class. There's a sense that Moss MAY have been the second greatest receiver of all time, but his stint with the Raiders and his debacle of a 2010 season definitely hurt that. Plus, he never won a championship, which doesn't seem to come up for wide receivers as much as for quarterbacks (and definitely not as much as it does for NBA players, whose legacies seem defined by RINGZ!), but it's something to keep in mind when comparing him with others (though T.O., Cris Carter, Largent and others are also ringless).

Jersey Monday will continue every Monday until I run out of jerseys to spotlight. And since I’ve got more than 150 of them, that could be awhile.