DGOW Matchup of the Day: Summer Glau vs. Izabella Miko

Each day (twice on Saturday and Sunday), AdamReisinger.com will spotlight a first-round match-up in the 2011 Desktop Girl of the Week Tournament. Today's match-up is Summer Glau vs Izabella Miko.

Summer Glau Izabella Miko

Date SelectedDec. 29, 2010Jan. 19, 2011
DOBJuly 24, 1981Jan. 21, 1981
BirthplaceSan Antonio, TexasLodz, Poland
Known for"Terminator: SCC", "The 4400""Coyote Ugly", "The Cape"
Six Degrees of JossHad small parts in "Angel" and "Dollhouse". And... am I forgetting anything? No. I think that's it.Appeared in "The Cape" with Summer Glau (who I think might have been in some kind of Joss-based production)

Analysis: Let's be honest here, this is an internet vote, and Summer Glau dominates internet votes. Well, technically River Tam dominates internet votes. All it'll take is one link to this from the io9 community and not only will Glau win this match-up, but she'll probably win the entire thing. But here's the thing. Izabella Miko is... (Joss forgive me)... hotter. It's true. Plus she's crazy involved with all sorts of green initiatives, which is hot in its own way.

Prediction: It's the internet. Glau will win. Easily. But I voted for Miko.

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  1. Izabella Miko is an impressive: smart and beautiful


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