2011 Desktop Girl Tournament - Championship Round!

The 2011 Hottest Desktop Girl of the Week Tournament has finally reached the championship, and even once adjusting for the vote tampering (which was stopped after just a few hours), we had two massive blowouts in the semifinals.

Semifinal #1
- Emma Stone (78.7%) def. Rachel McAdams

Semifinal #2
- Summer Glau (89.3%) def. Sarah Michelle Gellar

I was rooting for Sarah Michelle, but it was pretty obvious early on that she didn't stand a chance. So it comes down to this:

Emma Stone    vs.    Summer Glau

The standard match-up breakdown will run tomorrow, then I'll have something special for Stone fans on Friday (edit: moved to Monday), and Summer fans on Monday (edit: moved to Wednesday). And if I get some time, I may throw up some extra content to keep interest in voting going next week. Then voting closes on Saturday, and on Wednesday, Sept. 14, I'll announce the winner here on AdamReisinger.com

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